Heroes in the Making: Start Your Journey with Our Health and Medical Courses!

As a distinguished Institute of Technology for Lancashire and Cumbria, we’re proud to offer a suite of health and medical courses tailored to empower industry professionals like you. Our courses are designed to enrich your foundational knowledge and propel your career in the dynamic healthcare sector to new heights.

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A New Dawn in Health Education

Step forward into a new era of healthcare education. Whether you’re looking to ascend further in your current position or take a bold step towards a new chapter in your professional life, Burnley College’s Health and Medical courses will equip you with the proficiency, confidence, and credentials to achieve your aspirations.

Local Skills, Universal Impact

The Health and Social Care sector is Lancashire’s largest employment sector, employing 16% of Lancashire’s workforce. Like the rest of the UK, Lancashire has an ageing population (with the number of people over 65 set to rise by 23% in a decade) and more people with complex care needs living longer. This means that demand for health and care services is set to continue rising – creating a range of employment opportunities.

A Tradition of Excellence

With a heritage of academic excellence blended with hands-on expertise, Burnley College stands at the forefront of offering courses that align with the latest industry standards. We are dedicated in meeting the increasing demand for skilled healthcare professionals equipped to tackle tomorrow’s challenges.

Tailored Learning Journey

Recognising the unique pathways our Learners envision, our courses are meticulously crafted to accommodate those seeking career advancement, pivoting within the sector, or even changing tracks entirely.

Our specialised courses set the stage for achievement and satisfaction in your professional development.

Merging Theory with Practice

Our Health and Medical courses are integrations of academic theory, practical training, and real-world insight. On these courses, you’ll benefit from:

  • Cutting-edge facilities that simulate medical environments for practical skill development.
  • Expert educators with extensive industry experience and passion for teaching.
  • A collaborative atmosphere that fosters learning through peer interaction and teamwork.
  • Customised courses contributing to sustainable healthcare practices highlighted by our partnership with the Lancashire Colleges (TLC).

Career Advancement and Support

Burnley College isn’t just about imparting knowledge. It’s about setting you up for success. Our support extends beyond the classroom with:

  • Lifelong learning opportunities to keep you ahead in the rapidly evolving health sector.
  • Networking events with industry leaders and potential employers.
  • Guidance and support in career planning to help you reach your highest potential.


Join Us

Be a part of a vibrant community at Burnley College where your ambition meets our excellence and our Health and Medical courses can be the catalyst for your career transformation. As a proud Lancashire and Cumbria Institute of Technology, we’re all about turning local skills into universal impact.


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