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Becoming a Themis Apprentice

As a Themis Apprentice you will stand head and shoulders above the rest; you will be determined and focussed; you will be a #futureboss.

Themis Apprentice, Burnley College


Your Six Steps to Become a Themis Apprentice

If you have been unable to secure an Apprenticeship yourself, Themis at Burnley College can support you in:

  • Providing you with a list of the latest Apprenticeship opportunities (available online here)
  • Showcasing Pre-Apprenticeship opportunities. These are industry-specific Burnley College courses which provide you with foundation skills and knowledge – and an understanding of behaviours expected in the workplace – which you can then take to your employer once you have secured an Apprenticeship and be career ready.
  • Advising on additional qualifications and full-time study programmes which could be completed to impress potential employers seeking Apprentices.



Your Six Steps

1. Get in Touch

If you’ve found the perfect Themis Apprenticeship on our Live Vacancies page, enquire now via the vacancy.

Click here for our Live Vacancies

Secured your own Employer offering you an Apprenticeship, enquire now for your next steps.

Click here to Enquire Now

If there are no current vacancies which are suitable and you have been unable to secure your own Apprenticeship, Themis will work with you on an individual basis to place you in front of suitable employers

Apply Now for your ideal Apprenticeship.

You can also discuss your other options with us and we can draw up an action plan to guide you to the ideal Apprenticeship.

[email protected] 01282 733005

2. The Interviews

Once you have applied for a Themis Apprenticeship vacancy or contacted the Themis team for support, we will be in touch to book your first interview with a Themis industry expert in your chosen sector or member of the Themis recruitment team. You will be expected to be:

  • Smart and punctual
  • Ready to explain why you want to be a Themis Apprentice
  • Able to talk confidently about your chosen industry
  • Prepared with an up-to-date CV.

If you are successful at this interview you will be asked to submit documentation before being invited to attend a second interview and you can skip Step 3.

3. Themis Toolkit Workshops

Themis Toolkit Workshops are open to all and are a great opportunity to develop your skills ready for a successful interview with a potential employer. These workshops aim to develop the following:

  • CV Writing
  • Interview Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Team Work.
4. You’re on the List

Once you have successfully completed the second Themis interview, we are confident that you have the skills, knowledge and attitude to impress at interview.

We will then submit your contact details – and proof of any qualifications required – to our most relevant leading employers for consideration should any Apprenticeship vacancies arise or in response to any vacancies advertised via Themis.

5. Meet Potential Employers

Your prospective employer will want to meet you and interview you for the Apprenticeship vacancy. It is an opportunity for them to  discover more about you; assess your motivation and personal skills and gauge how you will blend into the current workforce.

This is your opportunity to impress using the skills you have practised and developed through your Themis interview and toolkit sessions.

Ahead of your interview, the Themis team can work with you on an individual basis if required to support you in perfecting your interview technique and staging practice interviews.

6. Step up to your New Role

On being offered an Apprenticeship with your ideal employer, your Themis trainer, your Tutor and the Themis team will be available to offer advice and guidance on adapting to the world of work and making a successful start to your career.

They will support you throughout your Themis Apprenticeship journey. And, like many successful former Themis Apprentices, we hope you will remain in contact for years to come and help to shape the future for the next generation of Themis Apprentices following in your footsteps.

Congratulations! You’re a Themis Apprentice and #futureboss. You’re one of the UK’s future industry leaders. You’re ready to make a difference. You’re about to shape your industry.


Need help or advice throughout the application and interview process?

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