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Policies, Procedures and Public Value Statement.


Placing safety, fairness and equality at the heart of everything we do

Burnley College operates within an official framework of policies, procedures and guidance documents to ensure that services are compliant and consistent and enable individuals to participate in activities safely and fairly. All our policies and procedures are reviewed and updated regularly.      

Burnley College Access and Participation Plan 2019/20

Burnley College Access and Participation Plan 2019/20 Return 

Burnley College Access and Participation 2020/21 – 2024/25

2021/2022 Fee Summary

College Charter

Strategic Plan

Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy

16 – 19 Tuition Fund Statement 

Remote Learning Statement – January 2021

Public Value Statement

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

Ofsted Report

Whistleblowing Policy

Transparency 2021 Information

Trade Union Facility Time 2020-2021

Latest Government Achievement Rate Tables 2018-2019

Assessment Policy

Student Code of Conduct




Equality and Diversity:

Single Equality Policy

Race Equality Statement

Disability Statement

Equality Objectives

Burnley College Gender Pay Gap Report 2019-2020



If you have a comment or complaint that you wish to make about College Services, then please contact the Manager of Corporate Services on 01282 733140 or email s.lomas@burnley.ac.uk

Alternatively, you can complete the Complaints Form and return to: s.lomas@burnley.ac.uk Manager of Corporate Services, Burnley College, Princess Way, Burnley, Lancashire BB12 0AN

Complaints Policy and Procedure


College Publication Scheme

This guide has been produced to meet the requirements of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).
The Publication Scheme and definition documents provided by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for Further Education Colleges has been adopted by Burnley College with effect from 1 January 2009. The Corporation formally approved the detail and content of the scheme at its meeting on 25 March 2009.

Freedom of Information


Data Protection Policy and Guidelines

The DPA regulations regulate the way in which certain information is held. Burnley College considers that many of the principles in the Act represent good practice. The College needs to collect and use personal data about staff, students and other users to allow it to monitor performance, achievements, and for health and safety reasons.

This policy gives useful information about the type of information that the College keeps and the purposes for which it keeps them. Data relates to hard copy and that held by computer.

Data Protection Policy


Report and Financial Statement:

Report and Financial Statement 2017-2018

Report and Financial Statement 2018-2019

Report and Financial Statement 2019-2020

Privacy Policy

Burnley College Facility Time Publication

Sustainability Statement

Burnley College Carbon Emissions 2109-2020



Burnley College makes every possible effort to ensure that the information published on this website is accurate and current. We will use reasonable endeavours to deliver courses and programmes of study and other services in accordance with the descriptions on this website.

We reserve the right to alter the programme of courses, the contents and methods of delivery, and the fees payable for them, at any time if such action is considered necessary.