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Low Carbon


Whatever your industry or sector, Burnley College can help you reach Target Zero – reducing your carbon footprint in many different ways for FREE!

Burnley College is leading the way in ensuring small and medium-sized businesses across the region have access to the very latest information, skills and training to meet their current – and future – sustainability needs.

5 Reasons why your business needs to go green

The need for businesses to adopt more sustainable working practices has never been more important. And in the years to come, ‘greener’ working will play an ever-increasing role in industry developments and decision-making.

Reasons employers need to make the change to sustainable working and reduce their carbon footprint:

Customer choice – More and more consumers are actively making a choice about ‘buying green’ and supporting businesses who share their sustainability ethos

Business sense – Businesses are actively choosing suppliers with a low carbon policy with whom to trade, to ensure their own green credentials

Community impact – You are leading the way in your locality, providing a great example for others to follow

Workforce retention/recruitment – The new generation of employees are more aware of global issues than ever before and are selecting to work for employers who match their expectations

Global mission – You are part of something much bigger – a global recognition that we cannot continue to waste the Earth’s valuable resources any longer and pollute our atmosphere



Expert Training from the Leaders in Green Technology

Burnley College has harnessed the skills, experience and expertise of leaders in the field of sustainability and green technologies to offer you the very best training right here on our ’green’ Campus in the heart of Burnley – close to all transport networks.

Meet our training partners:

Cube Thinking – The Behavioural change needed to implement your business’s low carbon agenda; how to plan for success and gain an in-depth understanding of your carbon footprint.

BusinessWise Solutions – Making your business’s energy usage visible and assessing energy waste – plus why it’s so important not to be left behind in the push towards carbon zero.

AMRC North West – Aerospace Engineering specialists in Additive Manufacturing, battery technology, the 5G factory of the future and Institute of Technology support

RISCON Solutions – Using data and processes effectively to design and implement your low carbon strategies, with the on-going support you need to succeed.

Our Partners

Burnley College has received funding from the Government’s Skills Development Fund as part of The Lancashire Colleges’ SDF Pilot, supporting colleges and local employers to work together to create a skilled workforce for a future low-zero carbon economy.

Partner Colleges are Blackburn College, Lancaster & Morecambe College and West Lancashire College.