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Our shared vision for choosing the best route to achieve your goals

Our friendly School Liaison Team may already be familiar faces to you from their time spent in your school, running informative, fun-packed sessions to help you make crucial decisions about your future and stand out from the crowd.


Need Advice and Guidance? Ask us a question.

Your Post-GCSE Choices

Our School Liaison Team is here to offer you independent advice and guidance – they won’t push you down a certain route after GCSEs or insist you come to Burnley College Sixth Form Centre (although we hope that you’ll share our vision for your future and recognise just why we’re the number one College in the country).

They can offer you individual support and can work with you over weeks or months – however long it takes to make a decision on your future options.

Now, as you make your post-GCSE choices, they’re right by your side, supporting you every step of the way with advice and guidance on:

  • Which route most suits your career and academic ambitions and learning style – A Levels, T Levels, Vocational study or a Themis Apprenticeship
  • The different subjects you can study to help you reach your goals
  • Choosing the perfect learning environment.



Hi, I’m Grace

I’ve worked in the education sector for almost 3 years and my background is in apprenticeship recruitment and advice & guidance.

I enjoy delivering sessions and activities to help individuals develop their skills and options for their next steps. I find it really rewarding when an individual puts these skills in to practice and achieves what it is they have set out to do, for e.g. Interview techniques within an interview with an employer for an apprenticeship.

Interesting Fact: I swam with whale sharks while in the Philippines.


Hi, I’m Georgia

Although I am quite new to working in the educational sector, I am extremely enthusiastic about my role as school liaison officer.

I really enjoy helping students identify their key skills and understanding how they can apply their strengths to future educational/industry roles. It’s great to see pupils’ confidence grow as they realise how many amazing skillsets they have to offer.

Interesting Fact: In my spare time I am a princess party entertainer for events and children’s parties.


Hi, I’m Olivia

Entering the world of education has been a fascinating journey for me. I find great satisfaction in conducting informative sessions, engaging students and, inspiring them. Seeing students discover and hone their essential skills is truly rewarding – these are the tools they’ll need for their future endeavours, whether it’s acing an interview or crafting a compelling CV. What gives me immense joy is witnessing their growing confidence and the smiles they carry away from each session.

Interesting Fact: I am left-handed but I do everything with my right hand, including playing various sports.


Hi, I’m Amy

Working in education is completely new to me after only just leaving college myself, but already I can confidently say I’m absolutely loving it! I have always had a passion for helping people since I was young, particularly giving advice when I can, so this job is the perfect fit for me. Seeing student enthusiasm and excitement enrolling on their courses here at college and starting the next chapter of their lives is truly rewarding. It makes me so happy seeing students truly realising their academic potential.

Interesting Fact: I’ve met Gok Wan on two separate occasions!


Hi, I’m Caitlin

Although I’m new to the education sector, I am very excited to join Burnley College and the School Liaison Team. The highlight of my role is being able to talk to Students, giving them key information to guide them on the next steps in their life. It’s really rewarding to help Students become empowered to make their own decisions about their future that will shape their whole lives confidence. I love playing a vital role in being able to give them support and guidance.

Interesting Fact: I went deep sea diving in Lanzarote and held a sea urchin.

Key Stage 4

Year 10 or Year 11

If you are currently a Year 10 or Year 11 pupil at high school, this section is for you.

We have a range of resources available to help you discover your next steps, from skills based, subject focussed right through to application.

Get Ready For College

We understand that making the step from School to College is both an exciting and, at the same time, slightly scary prospect for many of you: that’s why we have created this pack to help you make the transition and prepare for College life.

Year 11 Transition Work

How to Apply

Are you looking to apply for a course with Burnley College or a Themis Apprenticeship?

This step-by-step video will direct you through the application process and answer any queries you may have.

Click Here to Apply

What to Expect When Preparing for College

Y11 Timeline

Open Events

These are the perfect opportunity to explore the options available to you at Burnley College, including:

  • The opportunity to get advice and guidance on your post-GCSE options
  • Enjoy a tour of our £100 million Campus
  • Speak to our subject specialist Tutors
  • See our extra-curricular activities come to life
  • Ask any questions you may have.

There is an Apprenticeship focussed event every January, where you can meet potential employers, hand in your CV and show you have got what it takes to be a #futureboss


Our priority application period runs from 1 September to 31 March. This means that, subject to achieving the required grades, you will be offered a place on your preferred programme (no courses will be full).


These usually happen one month after you apply, and are traditionally on-site. However this year, interviews have taken place over the telephone and video conferencing call as well. This will usually take place with a subject specialist from within your chosen programme, and is your opportunity to ask all of your specific course questions.

If you do not have your interview before the priority deadline of 31 March, don’t panic. As long as we have received your application, the same rules apply.

Once you have completed your interview, and have been offered a place, you can accept this place in preparation for becoming a Burnley College student in September!

Preview Day

If you’ve accepted your place at Burnley College, you will be invited to Preview Day in late June – this is an opportunity to experience the life of a Burnley College student, with subject workshops and extra-curricular opportunities, as well as the chance to meet new friends and people on your course.

GCSE Results & Enrolment 

Once you receive your GCSE results from your school on Thursday 25 August 2022, you are ready to enrol at Burnley College. Your personalised appointment time will be sent out prior, for you to come and confirm your programme.

If you haven’t done as well as you’d hoped, please don’t panic. We in the School Liaison Team, as well as our team of advisers, are available to help you find an appropriate programme to allow you to progress to your dream career.

GCSE Revision Tips

We have put together some handy tips to help you power through the exam season and succeed in your GCSE exams.


Get started on revision now so that it becomes a habit

Create a revision timetable so you have a visual reference and not just a mental one

Start with the goal and work backwards to create your plan

Eat well as food is fuel


Stop using your phone an hour before bed

Unwind using one of the many free mindfulness guides on YouTube

Celebrate your achievements and reward yourself

Collect past exam scripts and exemplar work so you can measure your responses and answers

Explain to someone else how you would tackle each question

Share what you have learned with your family and friends

Spend time outdoors with family and friends

Explore CVs

A CV or Curriculum-Vitae, is an important document that will be expected at almost every job interview you go to. It is particularly important to consider if you are looking to undertake a Themis Apprenticeship once you leave school.

The resources below have been designed to aid you in creating a compelling CV. If you would like a member of the School Liaison Team to assist you in writing one, please get in touch.

Arrow circle down CVs – Do and Dont Arrow circle down CVs – Things to Include

Interviews will happen when applying for any job. For some of you, your Burnley College interview will be your first experience of one. If you are applying to be a Themis Apprentice, you will have interviews with employers, as well as Burnley College staff.

The resources below have been designed to aid you in answering interview questions. If you would like a member of the School Liaison Team to assist you in preparing for an interview, please get in touch.

Use the resources below to assist you in preparing for interviews.

Arrow circle down Interviews – Checklist Arrow circle down Interviews – Things to Consider Arrow circle down Interviews – Top Tips

Key Stage 3

Year 7, Year 8 or Year 9

If you are currently a Year 7, Year 8 or Year 9 pupil at high school, this section is for you.

We have a range of resources available to help you discover the options available to you at college, as well as things you could be doing now to prepare you for the transition into Further Education.

How to Choose your Options


Do you love English or Science? Is PE or Art the best part of the week? Why do you like these subjects?

Do you like to:

  • Use your hands to make things
  • Be the first to answer questions in class
  • Draw, paint, sing or dance
  • Be very organised
  • Read or play a musical instrument
  • Play in a sports team
  • Listen rather than shout out the answer
  • Look after your friends or pets
  • Be the leader in group work
  • Understand how things work and why
  • Know more about the world we live in?

Your answers could help you decide what you’d like to study at GCSE alongside the important subjects of English, Maths and Science. They may also give a clue to a future career that suits you.


Whether you already know what career you want or are still deciding, here are some things to consider when choosing your GCSEs.

  • Choose subjects because you think you’ll be good at them and they interest you
  • A good mix of subjects will keep your options open, such as English, Maths, Science, History or Geography and a language
  • Don’t choose subjects because you want to be with a best friend or your favourite teacher – you might not be in the same group as your friend
  • If you are determined to follow a particular career path, research which subjects are essential in entry requirements
  • Always aim for the highest grade you can in each subject to help you keep your options open or get your dream job!

There is still time to think about your future career and make important decisions and there are people to help you, at home and at school.

Talk to your parents/guardians, your school careers adviser or contact us through the Enquiry Form on this page.

Considering an Apprenticeship?

We have a range of exciting resources available for you to access that will assist you in finding that perfect Apprenticeship opportunity.

Apprenticeships Explored

Delve Deeper into our Subjects

To help you make that important transition to becoming a Burnley College student, we’re offering you the exciting opportunity to delve deeper into the subjects you love through our programme packs, designed to further ignite your ambition.

Subject Specific Resources