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Learn, earn and empower yourself with the highest levels of qualifications with a Degree Apprenticeship with Themis.

You may already be in a role you want to develop; with the support of your employer, you can achieve your degree alongside work.

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What is a Degree Apprenticeship?

A degree apprenticeship is a unique opportunity that brings together the best of both worlds – academic learning and on-the-job training. It is an exceptional pathway to earn while you learn, combining university study with practical experience in a working environment.

It has exactly the same value as a degree gained through the academic route and will give you exactly the same opportunities to progress. It’s just a different way of learning.

Unique Benefits of Degree Apprenticeships

  • Real-World Experience: Gain hands-on experience, moving beyond theoretical knowledge; a unique advantage over traditional courses
  • Freedom from Tuition Fee Debt: Your tuition costs are covered by your employer and the Government
  • Income and Learning Combined: Degree Apprenticeships allow you to earn a salary whilst gaining a degree
  • Enhanced Employability: Degree Apprenticeships are designed in sync with industry needs and therefore boost your employability
  • Building Valuable Networks: Open doors to exciting opportunities and career advancement


“The theory and the practical aspect together really benefit my learning. I loved the level of support I received, the incredible staff and the amazing environment.”

Lexie Oddie

BA (Hons) Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship

The Senator Group


“I hadn’t considered attending University, I wanted to start work. My employer really encouraged and supported me into a Degree Apprenticeship. The support I’ve received has been incredible.”

Mia Starkie

BA (Hons) Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship

Rossendale Borough Council


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