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Burnley COllege Sixth Form Centre Band Until Joy prepare to play on the College Campus roof

Burnley College band take to the roof to film live video

A group of talented Burnley College Sixth Form Centre students took to the roof at the £110 million Campus to record a series of live videos.

Until Joy formed around 12 months ago after meeting on the Advanced Level Music course at Burnley College.

The three 18-year-olds played three songs, including She’s a Charmer which you can watch here:

The band feature Joel Taylor on vocals and guitar, Lydia Tregay, bassist and vocals and Sophie Savage, drums.

“We had a real jumble of tastes when we first got together,” says Joel.


“She’s a Charmer was the first real ‘rock’ song we wrote together. After that we realised we could bring all of our skills and influences together to create something different.”

Joel Taylor

Until Joy, Vocals and Guitar

The mixture of styles is obvious from the bands list of influences which range from The Strokes and Bikini Kill to Paramour and Radiohead.

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