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Themis Facilities Showcase – CNC Machines – Cutting-Edge Technology

As part of Year of The Themis Apprentice, we’re showcasing the state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge equipment our Themis Apprentices have access to.

At Themis at Burnley College we pride ourselves on giving all our learners real-world industry skills and knowledge – which they can only gain by using the best equipment industry has to offer.

Today we’re looking at the unrivalled CNC facilities in our Centre of Engineering Excellence and Advanced Manufacturing here at Burnley College.

In its simplest terms, a CNC machine can cut any shape or design into a vast range of materials – from titanium through to wood, fibreglass, plastics and more.

What makes them special is the “Computerised Numerical Control” (CNC) which powers them.

It means high tech computerised systems can angle and aim the cutting head with extreme precision and at lightning fast speeds – making even the most complicated parts quick and easy to manufacture.

They’re used across the entire Engineering industry – and at Themis at Burnley College we’ve spared no expense.

The machines at Themis are made by industry leading experts Mazak and allow our Engineering Apprentices to learn how to programme these complex pieces of technology.


“We use similar machines in the workplace, so it has been so helpful to be able to train with such amazing professional equipment.”

Michael Windle

Engineering Apprentice working at Graham Engineering

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