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Themis at Burnley College launches innovative programme to ensure next generation of top Apprentices are primed to play key role in region’s economic recovery after COVID-19

Themis, the forward-thinking Apprenticeship and Business Training arm of Burnley College, has launched an innovative Pre-Apprenticeship programme to ensure that employers will have access to the region’s top Apprenticeship talent – at the right time – to help fuel business recovery. 

While apprentice recruitment may be temporarily reduced or suspended due to the economic impact of Covid-19, the Pre-Apprenticeship programme will ensure the next generation of top Themis Apprentices will still be making progress, developing the skills, knowledge and behaviours which will help re-energise business the moment they are required.

Director of Themis Neil Burrows said:

“At Themis we pride ourselves on the close relationships we have built with employers over the years. Our position as one of the top apprenticeship and training providers, allows us to be at the heart of discussion at a local, regional and national level about current and future industry needs and how we can use our expertise and experience to maximise business growth potential and fill any skills gaps.

“The Pre-Apprenticeship programme has been designed to ensure high-calibre Themis Apprentices will be available the moment the recovery begins and industry needs them. They will have undergone initial training to ensure they have the vital skills, knowledge and attitude to fit seamlessly into the workplace, making a real difference to their employer’s business from the word go.”

The Pre-Apprenticeship programme is aimed at school leavers who have been unable to secure  employment due to the current economic climate. In the programme, developed and led by industry-expert Tutors and Trainers, the pre-Apprentices will commence their initial training in specialist industry-standard facilities at Burnley College’s £100 million Campus. Alongside their industry-specific training, they will learn the professional and work-ready behaviours needed for the workplace, alongside vital industry insights, problem-solving and communication skills.
While completing their practical learning and academic studies, they will be supported by our expert Themis team members to source and secure their ideal employer, bringing their existing skills and knowledge into the workplace and continuing their apprenticeship training.

Neil Burrows added:

“The Pre-Apprenticeship programme is the perfect fusion of education and industry, showing just what can be achieved through positive, ongoing communication and an in-depth knowledge of what is truly important to businesses.

“Themis Apprentices are the leaders of tomorrow and are already embracing the opportunity to make a headstart on their training by applying for the Pre-Apprenticeship programme while waiting for the ideal career way opportunity. It shows just how proactive, adaptable and resilient Themis Apprentices are and how they will be at the forefront of ensuring the region’s economy recovers quickly after Covid-19.”

Forward-thinking employers recognise the value a Themis Apprentice can bring to their business, from the very latest skills and knowledge, to enthusiasm, energy and innovation. Could a Themis Apprentice play a key role in developing your business after Covid-19? Talk to our professional Themis advisors on the many benefits a Themis Apprentice bring to your team: email [email protected] or call 01282 733005.