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The Themis Apprenticeship Team from Burnley College

The Tools for Success – Burnley College holding free workshops to give people skills they need to secure their dream career

In its mission to “Build Futures and Change Lives” Themis, the unrivalled Apprenticeship arm of Burnley College has launched the next phase of its annual Toolkit Workshops.

The free courses take place over four sessions but equip delegates with vital skills, tips and techniques to stand out from the crowd when it comes to securing employment in their chosen sector.

While designed for aspiring Apprentices, covering everything from CV building to problem solving, interview technique to developing strong communication skills, the full toolset is valuable to everyone entering the job market.

Cameron Barker-Allan, Themis Apprenticeship Recruitment Officer says it’s about transferable skills:


The course was originally designed for people looking to start their Apprenticeship with us at Themis, but we soon became aware how useful the skills were to everyone.
It’s about ensuring you can present the very best version of yourself to potential employers.

Cameron Barker-Allan

Themis Apprenticeship Recruitment Officer

“That can be done through creating an impactful CV, full of positive language really showing off your skills or through learning interview techniques and mindsets so you can wow you future employers in person.

“We work with every candidate, helping them assess their strengths and identifying where they can improve.

“It’s just an hour a week for four weeks and can have a huge impact on your employability.”

The course has been designed by the expert team at Themis, working in consultation with their industry-leading employers to take the fear out of the application and interview process.

Cameron continues:


It’s understandable when people have a sense of apprehension around applications and interviews.
Talking to employers soon makes it clear they want you to succeed. They want every candidate to excel and perform at their highest level.

Cameron Barker-Allan

Themis Apprenticeship Recruitment Officer

“You could be the best employee they’re ever going to get, but unfortunately your CV was full of spelling errors – something which could easily have been corrected before it was ever sent.

“And at interview they want you to shine, exhibit the confidence and passion you are capable of and express yourself fully, so they can get the best sense of what you would be like as part of their company.

“That’s why these courses are free and for everyone, because everyone wins. You get the best chance at securing your dream role and the employers get to see the very best of all the candidates.”

There are four more session planned throughout the year, the next starting on Wednesday 17 May from 5:30pm till 6:30pm.

Book your place now at burnley.ac.uk/events