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Testing, testing. One, two….

Live Sound Engineers – it’s time to sharpen your skills with Burnley College University Courses (BCUC) and The Grand in Clitheroe.

Designed in conjunction with BCUC’s BA (Hons) Music Production and Performance Degree – this brand new six-week course will give you the practical expertise you need to make your concerts sound legendary, your live-broadcasts award winning, or even lift your place of worship to the next level.

The Grand in Clitheroe has a recording studio and live sound desk – both fitted with world-class audio equipment in superb acoustic environments. The course is led by Adam Fielding who has more than a decade of experience as Head of Technical Service at The Grand Venue, performing multiple roles such as front of house sound engineer, instrument technician, recording engineer, mastering engineer and more.

It’s the next step for both those who are working professionally with sound on a daily basis, as well as hobbyists, who want to make their band or broadcasts stand out from the rest.

You’ll cover topics such as the difference between analogue and digital, gain structure, microphone set up, sound checking, live mixing, PA systems and more – all using The Grand Venue’s cutting-edge technology.

The course involves six two-hour sessions over six weeks and starts Tuesday, 6 July. Places are limited and are expected to fill quickly – so make sure you don’t miss out.

To book your place or for more information click here