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Eclipse photograph through telescope

See the solar spectacular here at Burnley College and stay safe too

Students at Burnley College Sixth Form Centre are getting up close and personal with the partial solar eclipse of the sun – the last one in the UK ‘til 2025.

Experts are on hand to ensure everyone stays safe while observing the phenomena and will be able to enjoy it up close using the high-power telescopes in the courtyard of the £110 million Campus.

It’s half term but many students will be coming into College, using professional astronomical equipment to witness the rare occurrence.

Observers will see the surface of the sun darken as the moon passes between it and the earth, blocking the light.

It will cover approximately 10% of the surface over the period of an hour – although in other places on earth, like Russia, some will see a total eclipse.

Lecturer in Physics at Burnley College, Antonio Coulton will be in charge of the event. He says it’s a spectacle that should be enjoyed – but safely:


The joy of events like this is seeing something which is happening in space – so far away from us – right here in Burnley.

It truly brings the subject of astrophysics down to Earth.

Antonio Coulton

Lecturer in Physics

“But without proper care it can be dangerous. You could go blind or easily cause long-term damage to your vision.

“The sun is so bright looking at it through any form of optics can literally melt your eye.

“By coming here and using our equipment we can ensure you are getting the best views and staying 100% safe.”

Students can join Antonio between 10am and 12pm – Tuesday 25 October.