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Personal growth – Burnley College offers green-fingered hobbyists a taste of a career in Horticulture

Growing plants and vegetables as a hobby has seen a huge uptake over the past few years – and now the countryside is back open for business – Burnley College is giving hobbyists the chance to expand their skills.

Their brand-new Adult Learning course, Practical Horticulture Skills, is aimed at someone who wants to learn more about this fascinating industry and maybe take their first steps towards a career.

Horticulture is the study and cultivation of vegetables, garden crops, fruits and ornamental plants – whether for food, medicine or just for beauty and comfort.

The central theme of the course is sustainability, a subject which is very close to many people’s hearts and key to the future of many industries, in particular rural and farming businesses.

On this brand new course you will learn practical skills in a realistic setting, focusing upon the fundamentals such as planting out, preparing ground, plant/weed identification and pruning.

East Lancashire has always been a hybrid of heavily industrialised towns with beautiful arable land used for horticulture and agriculture and there have always been a huge number of hobbyists and amateur growers in the region.

Lecturer in Health and Social Development Sarah Towers says it’s a passion of hers too:

“I love the outdoors. I am enjoying walking in it, working in it, getting my hands dirty.

“I’m a volunteer with a community farm which gives me an amazing opportunity to widen my skill set and learn more about conservation and nature.

“Sustainability is so important and it’s vital we teach everyone interested in growing their own food, ornamenting their gardens and enjoying nature the basics of countryside management.”


“There will be something for everyone with green fingers on this course and it will hopefully contribute to conservation in the area for a long time to come.”

Sarah Towers

Health and Social Development Lecturer, Burnley College

Do you have a passion for planting? Are you a hobbyist with a love of nature, conservation and sustainability? Do you want to take your skills to the next level and gain a valuable qualification?

The course start dates are Wednesday 27 April and Wednesday 8 June.

See the link to find out more and to apply – Practical Horticulture Skills course