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Government Minister makes ‘virtual visit’ to view Apprenticeship training excellence at Themis at Burnley College

A Government Minister at the heart of the Department for Education has paid a ‘virtual visit’ to Burnley College this week to talk to its highly-skilled Themis Apprentices, their industry-expert Tutors and Trainers and to view just some of the amazing facilities in its £100 million town centre Campus.

Gillian Keegan, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Apprenticeships and Skills, checked in from her offices in Westminster for the virtual visit, in which she discussed the impact of Covid-19 on the training sector and how Themis’s close links with employers are vital to secure the North West’s future business prosperity.

The visit, hosted by Principal of Burnley College Karen Buchanan, Deputy Principal Simon Jordan and Director of Themis Neil Burrows, spotlighted how Themis and the wider College community has adapted over the past three months, including:

  • How training, teaching and learning has continued throughout the Covid-19 lockdown period and beyond, with Tutors and Trainers providing engaging, interactive opportunities online for Apprentices and students to further enhance their learning through access to additional, high-level resources
  • How intense planning and adherence to Government recommendations has enabled Themis to once again open its doors to limited numbers of Apprentices to continue their practical training
  • The launch of Themis’s innovative Pre-Apprenticeship programme to ensure school leavers have access to high-quality, industry-specific training while the economy recovers and they await their ideal Apprenticeship opportunity
  • Increased communication and liaison between Themis and employers to ensure potential Apprentices receive the latest training relating to safe working practices and are ‘workforce-ready’ to join their existing teams the moment business increases post-Covid-19
  • How Themis Apprentices have been at the very forefront of the national response to Covid-19, using their specialist skills, adaptability and resilience to ensure their employers and communities have the resources and support needed throughout these unusual times
  • How the Themis and Burnley College family has united over lockdown and beyond to offer the kindness, understanding and support needed – alongside a plethora of digital resources – to each individual member.

We are immensely proud of everything our Themis Apprentices, their Tutors and Trainers have achieved – not just through the Covid-19 period but throughout the year – and it has been a privilege to showcase our amazing achievemenets and innovation to the Minister.

Karen Buchanan

Principal of Burnley College


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