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FULL WINNERS LIST – Themis Inspire and achieve Awards 2023 

The Themis Inspire and Achieve Awards 2023 have taken place, celebrating the success, the passion and the innovation of Themis Apprenticeships in Lancashire. 

The prestigious ceremony took place at Burnley Football Club and saw Apprentices and Employers winning awards in categories like Future Boss, Digital Pioneer and the Sustainability Award – see the full list of winners and nominees below. 

Winners received striking trophies created by Optimill Ltd and Mazak – and a state-of-the-art laptop from sustainable energy experts Green Shield Group.  

Guests and nominees heard from entrepreneur Antony Chesworth, founder of EKM Systems Ltd – who spoke of the power of doing “something you like” and how positivity fuels success. 

We’d like to say thank you to Burnley Football Club who hosted us in incredible style and a massive congratulations to all our winners, we are proud to have celebrated such an incredible achievement with you. 

Follow in footsteps of our award-winning Apprentices by learning more about our industry-leading routes to success: https://www.burnley.ac.uk/themis-home/ 


Gold Apprentice Award  

Madison Smithies – GRC Engineering – WINNER 

Ellie-Jo Smith – Clearly Interiors Ltd – HIGHLY COMMENDED 

Leah Mills – Greenarc Fuel Cards Ltd  

Elicia Swaine – Chez Nanny Nursery   


Platinum Apprentice Award  

Ella Beardsworth – Pipeline Induction Heat Ltd – WINNER 

Emily O’Keefe – Calico, Safenet – HIGHLY COMMENDED 

Cameron Wilkins – HycAero – HIGHLY COMMENDED 

Ellis Walne – Essity UK Ltd  

Rachel Lake – HycAero  


Future Boss Award  

Leah Mills – Greenarc Fuel Cards Ltd – WINNER 

Leonie Greenwood – Weir Minerals – HIGHLY COMMENDED 

Rachel Lake – HycAero  


Innovator Award  

Cameron Wilkins – HycAero – WINNER 

Ellis Walne – Essity UK Ltd – HIGHLY COMMENDED 

Ella Beardsworth – Pipeline Induction Heat Ltd   

Harry Wilkinson – Fort Vale Engineering  


Developing the Future Award  

Toni Whittaker – Bright Futures Nursery School – WINNER 

Charley Beckett – Lakeview Children’s Nursery  

Georgia Ludlow – Bright Futures Nursery School  


Ultimate Vision Award  

Matthew Rimmer – AJM Furniture – WINNER 

Liam Robinson – Homesafe Group, Ecotect  

Matthew Sowerby – Dale Contractors Ltd  


Sport & Fitness Award  

Caitlin Iannelli – Fitness Evolution – WINNER 

Kaya Plant – Burnley Leisure – HIGHLY COMMENDED 

Olivia Brown – Burnley Leisure   

J’enna Carter Hall – Roefield Leisure  


Degree Apprentice Award  

Joshua Sweeney – GHA Solutions – WINNER 

Mathew Illingworth – De Puy (Cogent Skills)  

Jessica Lloyd – De Puy (Cogent Skills)  



Digital Pioneer Award  

Eleanor Eccles – Pets Choice – WINNER 

Muhammad Y Mulla – Burnley College – HIGHLY COMMENDED 

Joshua Sweeney – GHA Solutions  


Sustainability Award  

Holly Lund – Equestrian Surfaces Ltd – WINNER 

Curtis Wilson – Burnley College  


Employer of the Year Award – up to 50 employees  

Bright Futures Nursery School  – WINNER

ESP Play/Quest Electrical  


Pets Choice  


Employer of the Year Award – over 50 employees  

Paradigm Precision – WINNER  



Fort Vale Engineering Ltd  

Safran Nacelles   


Special Award   

Kieran McShane – WEC Group