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From one to six – hi-tech Lancashire business signs up for more Apprentices with Themis at Burnley College

A leading Lancashire business has been so impressed by their first Themis at Burnley College Engineering Apprentice – they’ve decided to take on six more.

Haslingden-based Ecotect – experts in fire suppression equipment – work across the building industry and with private companies to ensure their properties remain safe with advanced active fire sprinkler systems alongside alarms, ventilation and more.

In 2020 they took on a Higher Level Apprentice studying Construction and the Built Environment.

Now he’s completed his course and taken up a full time role with them, they’ve been inspired by what a Themis Apprentice can bring to their business so they’ve signed up for six more learners to start as soon as possible.

Head of Apprenticeships at Themis, Hannah Cutler, says it’s amazing to be able to work in so closely partnership with businesses:



“At Themis we’re here to support the Apprentice themselves, but what makes our role so special is we’re also here to support the business we work alongside.

“We work hard with your company to ensure we provide the perfect candidate but also to make sure the training we provide aligns with your vision – helping fill skills gaps, bring about innovation and create a workforce for the future.”

Hannah Cutler

Head of Apprenticeships

There are multiple benefits of a Themis Apprentice for a business including:

Reducing skill shortages
Introducing cutting-edge industry-leading skills and practices
Improving talent acquisition
Save on recruitment costs
Improved staff satisfaction and retention

More than 50% of engineering companies say they are struggling to recruit and retain staff in an increasingly turbulent employment environment.

By using Themis at Burnley College’s expertise and unique position we can help fill those gaps – and provide candidates for you from a far wider-ranging pool of potential employees – as well as ensuring they will be workplace-ready – trained with the very latest techniques and skills using the most up to date equipment.

Apprentices are also far more likely to stay within your business than other employees as they are encouraged to think of their job as a career – rather than a stepping stone to something or somewhere else.

If you think now is the time for you to take on an Apprentice and help shape the future of your workforce, or if you want to explore the options available to you at Themis at Burnley College, talk to Themis today. Email [email protected]