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From Apprentice to Assistant Principal – Kate Wallace brings years of industry experience to Burnley College role

Burnley College’s new Assistant Principal Kate Wallace is the very definition of industry experienced and is a perfect fit as a member of the Burnley College Family.

Her full title, Assistant Principal for Apprenticeships, Adult and University Education, shows the breadth of her experience and just how important her role is going to be in shaping the future of education at Burnley College.

We took the time out to ask her about her pathway to success.

What is your professional life story?


I started my career as a hairdressing apprentice when I left school at 16. I qualified and went on to work at some of the world’s most well-known leading names in the industry which gave me the opportunity to travel. I enjoyed teaching new apprentices and decided to go into teaching.

Kate Wallace

Assistant Principal at Burnley College

“I became a lecturer and have worked in varied roles in Colleges from Head of Faculty for Service Industries, Group Director of Apprenticeships and Employer Engagement to Assistant Principal with focus on Curriculum, Employer Engagement and Student Experience.

“My educational path has led me to become a qualified teacher, complete a degree in education and I am currently completing a Masters in educational leadership, so I understand the journey as a learner as much as an education provider, giving me vital insights into the journeys of others.”

What was it about Burnley College that made you want to become part of the family?


I wanted to make a difference back in Lancashire where I’m from. It’s really important for me to make that difference in the area I grew up.

Kate Wallace

Assistant Principal at Burnley College

“Burnley College is a place I knew I wanted to be part of. There is a wide curriculum offer with innovation continuously taking place, and the way the College works with employers in skills development is exemplary.

“The Campus is fantastic and offers so much to the community; we’re privileged to have such amazing facilities on our doorstep.

“The impact of the College’s investment in industry-leading equipment has a huge impact on learners in the community.”

What are your particular areas of focus at Burnley College? What are your passions that you want to embrace here?

“I am very passionate about Lifelong learning and the opportunities that can bring people. I will be focusing on the apprenticeship, adult and university curriculum at Burnley college. As a college we have such a positive impact through providing opportunities for skills development, progression or changes in career direction. I’ve been on that journey myself, starting in industry and moving into education and I am excited to be part of Burnley College.

“I’m excited to showcase the opportunities that are available and demonstrate if you work hard and are supported in your direction, you can achieve anything you want to. We can provide our learners with different pathways into an exciting career.”

What do you want to achieve at Burnley College?

“I want to focus on giving Apprentices, Adult Learners, BCUC students and Sixth Form Centre Students the best possible experience with us. I want to ensure that we continue to have an outstanding curriculum offer that meets the needs of the local area, offering equality of opportunity for all.”