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Free Digital Skills! Burnley College provides expert-led training

Burnley College is continuing to lead the way in the digital revolution as it offers free training to help adults in the region get their computing and internet skills up to scratch.

The free Essential Digital Skills courses are fully funded by the Government and available to anyone aged 19 or above. They start on Tuesday, 26 April.

It’s never been more important to have functional skills in the digital world – firstly from an employability point of view and secondly because so much of the world is now digital.

This course is specifically designed to ensure you have all the tools required by employers operating in a technology-rich world and provides you with the skills to function safely online.

The course is based on the Government’s National Essential Digital Skills Standards and is broken down in to five key skill areas.

  • Using devices and handling information
  • Creating and editing
  • Communicating
  • Carrying out transactions
  • Being safe and responsible online

The course is led by our expert industry-focused Tutors. It lasts between eight and 12 weeks and combines classroom work along with home study materials. It’s assessed via an online test at the end of the course.

If successful, you’ll come away with a Level 1 Essential Digital Skills Qualification which is recognised nationally.

It also gives you the opportunity to progress on to other courses in the world of digital technology and other areas of study.

Neil Burrows, Assistant Principal with responsibility for Adult Learning, says the course is perfect for anyone who wants to prove their existing skills to potential employers and also for those who have little, if any, experience of computers and the internet:

“The digital world plays such a vital part of our lives these days: from buying online to accessing entertainment to even working from home.

“For some people, there can be a barrier though. If you’ve never had to deal with computers before or have little to no experience of working online, it can seem incredibly daunting at first.

“Being computer literate is a vital skill to employers – so having the qualifications to prove you have those skills is essential.”


“This course is all about breaking down those boundaries. It’s a step-by-step guide to showing you how technology is there to help you succeed and even excel in your work – you just need to know how to use it correctly.”

Neil Burrows

Assistant Principal, Burnley College

If you want to sharpen your skills, or if you want to start your journey in to the world of digital learning, this course is completely FREE right now. All you need do is apply. See Essential Digital Skills Level 1