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Expert Burnley College Tutor shares experience at National Research Conference

An inspirational Tutor at Burnley College Sixth Form Centre, who is applying her expertise and innovation in the field of Education with undergraduates at BCUC (Burnley College University Courses), has been invited to share her specialist knowledge at a leading national research conference.

Burnley College’s Head of Maths and English, Humera Khan, will present her findings on how Government policy regarding attainment levels in Maths and English impacts on student motivation and engagement to the Association of Colleges Higher Education Research and Scholarship Conference, being delivered online due to Covid-19.

Humera has gathered her additional specialist knowledge during studies for a Doctorate in Education at the University of Central Lancashire and is using her findings to further improve attainment levels and the learning experience for students of all ages and apprentices who take qualifications in Maths and English at Burnley College.

Her teaching expertise and focus on learner outcomes has led her to accept a position as a mentor to undergraduates studying in the School of Teaching and Education at BCUC, where students are studying for a variety of degree-level and post-graduate qualifications to enter diverse careers in the education sector. As a dissertation supervisor, Humera shares her expertise and experience in the sector to ensure that undergraduates can stand out from the crowd through the strength and in-depth analysis of their dissertation, which they complete in the final year of their course on a subject of their choice related to their studies.

She said:

“It is a real privilege to be able to share my insights into how national policy relating to Maths and English qualifications can create barriers for learners and how these can be overcome through applying a variety of teaching methods.



I’m truly passionate about education. There is no better feeling than to see learners achieve their goals – however difficult they may originally have appeared – and reach true potential.

Humera Khan

Head of Maths and English

I’m proud to be able to use my own doctoral studies to help change the lives of Maths and English students at Burnley College and also to play a part in helping BCUC undergraduates explore their love of learning still further by supervising their dissertations.”

Originally enjoying a successful career in project analysis within the private sector and NHS, Humera has been a Tutor at Burnley College for 13 years and has extensive experience of teaching Maths at all levels – from A Level to Functional Skills.

She added:

“Teaching is all about making a difference and I’m so pleased to be working with the BCUC students considering a career in this amazing profession! When I see students I taught break through their barriers and go on to university and successful careers, I am proud to know I played a part in their journey. If I can inspire others – through my research and experience – that will be amazing!”

Could a Maths or English qualification change your life and open doors for you? Are you considering a career in Education and want to change lives, just like Humera? There is a pathway for you at Burnley College or BCUC. Find out more now at [email protected], call 01282 733333 or visit our website at Burnley.ac.uk.