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Computer Science Students at Burnley College help ensure the future of Aerospace Industry

Burnley College Students are playing a vital role in ensuring the Aerospace and Engineering industries in Lancashire recover and grow in a post-pandemic world.

A team of seven Advanced Level Computing Students from Burnley College Sixth Form Centre have created a bespoke “dashboard” which monitors and tracks vacancies and skills gaps across multiple sectors in real time – allowing employers, educational and Apprenticeship providers like Burnley College and Themis to work strategically together.

The dashboard uses live data to create an instant, visual and easy to understand report showing employment trends, skills gaps and potential supply chains.

It’s all part of the Lancashire Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing (AEM) Watchtower project – a £1 million initiative to support the Aerospace sector in Lancashire.

Mackenzie Ingham and Charlie Glover are two of the seven. They are both in their first year and found out about the project through their Tutor.

Mackenzie, 16, from Burnley, a former Unity College pupil says:


“I received an email saying ‘There is a fantastic opportunity right now working with the biggest names in the Aerospace industry’ – it seemed like an amazing experience and something which would look incredible on my CV.”

Mackenzie Ingham

Advanced Level Computing Student at Burnley College Sixth Form Centre

Charlie, 18, from Bacup and former All Saints’ RC High School pupil explains exactly what they’ve created:

“The main focus of the Watchtower project is to see how Covid has impacted the industry as a whole and give experts in the industry the right information they need to ensure a quick and effective recovery.

“There’s a huge amount of data which needs to be assembled, filtered and then displayed in a way which is useful and instantly informative to users.

“It took a lot of discussion as team and hard work to create the product as it currently stands.”


“The AEM approached us as a College because of our expertise and our industry connections.
“This is a huge project and they wanted to be sure whoever took it on would be able to complete it. Our Students have excelled all expectations.”

Benn Scott

Programme Leader for Computing at Burnley College Sixth Form Centre

Ben continues:

“It’s been a real challenge and everyone has had to learn a lot at a very high level in a short space of time to complete this project to the standard they have – but it has been more than worth it.

“The experience they’ve had – working to a brief, working with a high level of expectation and tight delivery deadlines – it’s something you don’t normally experience in a classroom environment. I’m incredibly proud of everything they’ve achieved – and so is the AEM.”

The AEM has members from huge names in the industry such as Addison Precision, BAE, Safran Nacelles and Rolls Royce and is a collaboration between Lancashire County Council and the North West Aerospace Alliance.

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