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Mens Mental Health Campaign Liam O'Malley

Burnley College shares the importance of mental health for International Men’s Day 2022.

This year’s International Men’s Day highlights the importance of wellbeing and resilient mental health by urging men to have conversations with others to promote a positive life outlook.

Burnley College are at the forefront raising awareness of mental health and encouraging positive discussions through the wide range of support services and extra-curricular activities we offer through our Health and Wellbeing team.

We’ve been speaking to members of the Burnley College Family who are sharing their tips on positive mental health on this special day:

Neil Burrows – Director of Skills, Innovation and Employer Engagement

Neil elaborated on how essential mental health awareness is in industry and the workplace.

“Businesses thrive on a healthy and proactive workforce so speak to your employer if you have any issues. It’s always good to keep those lines of communication open.”


Liam O’Malley, Head of A Levels

Liam highlights the importance of having a strong support network – like the one available to Students at Burnley College.


“If you are struggling with your mental health, always reach out to someone whether that is a friend, a tutor or support staff – it’s always better to share your problem with someone.”

Liam O’Malley

Head of A Levels

George Woodall, Construction Tutor

George shares with us the importance of good mental health and urges people within the Construction industry to speak more about their mental health with others.

“Within the Construction industry, mental health awareness is very well hidden. People don’t tend to discuss it with others so be more open about it and share your problems with your mates.”


Brad Pates, Fitness Evolution

Brad Pates from Fitness Evolution discusses the benefits of participating in sport and fitness for your mental health.


“Fitness, health and wellbeing are hugely important parts of your mental health. Get involved – even something as simple as going to your local gym or exercising with your mates – it will make you feel a lot better.”

Brad Pates

Fitness Evolution

If you are a Student and are experiencing any problems that are affecting your mental health – you can access our wealth of support services within College. Talk to our approachable and friendly Student Services Team in the atrium or contact the Health and Wellbeing team [email protected]

You can also speak to Mind who are specialists when it comes to discussing mental health and providing support – see their services here.