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Burnley College praised for its “skilled staff” and “positivity” as it achieves first stage of the Rainbow Flag Award

Teaching staff have been praised for their ‘skilled approach’ and ‘visible allyship’ around LGBT+ subjects as the College gains the prestigious “Skilled Teacher” element of the nationally-recognised Rainbow Flag Award.

The award encourages a “whole organisation” approach to LGBT+ inclusion, as well as developing strategies to effectively challenge and combat LGBT-phobic bullying.

Burnley College is one of the first Colleges in the UK to embark upon a pathway to achieving the complete Rainbow Flag Award.

The award focuses on positive inclusion and visibility for LBGT+ identities which include lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and other related identities.

Burnley College was particularly praised for the way it introduces staff members, including Tutors, Trainers and support staff to concepts such as pronouns (he/him, she/her, they/them, zie/zim), definitions of the various terms and ensuring LGBT+ Students feel they have visible allies across College.

Simon Jordan, Deputy Principal of Burnley College and Chairperson of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Group says it’s about understanding every member of the Burnley College Family:


“We believe in creating a secure, empowering environment for every single one of our Students, Learners, Tutors, Trainers and support staff.

“That means ensuring we are always learning ourselves and keeping up with society as it evolves.

“Listening to the Student Voice and making lasting, powerful changes based on what we hear is something we’re so proud of at Burnley College.

“This becomes even more important when that voice comes from an area of society which still sadly faces discrimination and abuse.

“To receive this honour from the Rainbow Flag Award reassures us we’re moving in the right direction – to create a safe and secure space for everyone at Burnley College.

“We look forward to the lessons we will learn and the changes we will make for the better as we progress through and achieve the next stages of this award.”

Simon Jordan

Deputy Principal of Burnley College

That sentiment was echoed in the judges’ comments who said:

“This is a really impressive start to your Rainbow Flag Award journey. We look forward to seeing what the College does next.”

Burnley College has an LGBT+ group which meets three times a week – and always welcomes new members. If you want to study at a College which is progressive, safe, secure and welcoming to all, find out more at our final Open Evening of the academic year – Tuesday 14 March.

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