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Burnley College Engineering Tutors use 3D printing technology to help frontline NHS staff

Expert Engineering Tutors at Burnley College have been busy making masks and visors, using their design skills and expertise with the College’s 3D printers, for use by NHS staff in the frontline of the battle against Covid-19.

The College answered the national call for help from the NHS for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) as its stocks dwindled due to increased patient numbers caused by Covid-19.

The industry-experienced Engineering Tutors, who are working from home since the College switched to remote teaching and learning in March, have been hard at work running the printers round the clock to produce the vital equipment, which is being directed to East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust.

The team started off creating face masks, sourcing the fabric to complete the design, too, and have now managed to include face visors, with a clear front panel, in their production schedule, too.

Engineering Tutor Chris Platt, who has been working on the project alongside colleague Kris Richens, said:

“We will keep our 3D printers running and producing the items for as long as is necessary until stocks of PPE for those who are caring for Covid-19 victims and protecting the nation;s health are replenished centrally.. As a College, we understand the important role we play in the community and are proud to be playing our part in providing much-needed equipment to the NHS.”

The College is supporting the NHS further by donating its stocks of PPE used in laboratories and classrooms by students to ensure that frontline-medics are protected during the national emergency. Equipment which has been handed over includes disposable gloves, aprons, swabs and paper towels.

Staff and students have also, alongside their continued remote teaching and learning, been active within their respective communities as NHS volunteers, supporting the most vulnerable members of society through this unprecedented time.