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Burnley College empowering Learners and providing opportunities through the Student Council

At Burnley College Sixth Form Centre, we are committed to giving all our learners a voice and empowering them to shape the future of education in the town.

The Student Council is made up of over a dozen dynamic students – following A Level, T Level and Vocational pathways – who are passionate about further improving the College experience for their fellow learners and those who will follow in their footsteps.

They meet regularly with staff to take part in a range of exciting activities to help them focus on specific areas of College life and, most importantly, discuss topics which have an impact on the student experience.

Their latest meeting saw them examine the College’s successful learning and teaching strategy and discuss how this could be taken to the next level, taking into account learning styles as well as wider skills and behaviours.

Tapping into the passion and innovation of our Student Council allows Burnley College leaders to truly take into account the learner voice and gather new perspectives on subjects such as the choice of courses available to school leavers to extra-curricular activities, as well as policy and strategy decisions at the highest levels.

Burnley College Assistant Principal Sarah Crossley is instrumental in ensuring that the learner voice is heard and said:


It is vital for our Students to be heard within the College because they are our main priority: they are at the very heart of everything we do.

Their input is always valuable and can spark some interesting discussions at all levels within College. Their input is always valuable and their insights and suggestions are always well thought out delivered confidently.

Sarah Crossley

Burnley College Assistant Principal

“Without their perspective we would never be able to make the changes that have been necessary to ensure that we remain the Number One College in England*”

As well as empowering participants, the Student Council offers real development opportunities for learners. Every student involved hones their leadership skills as they collaborate, negotiate and communicate effectively, all skills which are highly sought after by employers and universities alike.

Sarah Crossley added:

“I really enjoy seeing the members of the Student Council develop and grow in confidence. It’s a great opportunity for them to stand out from the crowd in their applications to university or for their dream careers.

“Every year the Student Council grows as more and more students realise the impact they can have on life at College and I’m looking forward to have a record number of Student Council members in September 2023, when applications will be open once again.”

Are you still considering your choices after GCSEs? Talk to us about your opportunities at Burnley College, the Number 1 College in England, where you are treated as an individual, where your voice is heard and where you can work with staff to shape the educational experience. Talk to our School Liaison Team of Grace, Georgia and Rob on 01282 773322 or [email protected]

*for all 16-18 qualification levels as shown in the latest Government achievement rate tables