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Burnley College Alumnus awarded prestigious grant

Burnley College Sixth Form alumnus Ross Schofield says he’s “honoured” to receive a 110 year old award from an iconic Lancashire philanthropist.

Ross is reading Physics at the University of Manchester and is already using some of the fund to expand his knowledge of the cosmos.

The 18-year-old from Burnley was awarded a grant from the Stocks Massey Fund – a large sum of money left to the town of Burnley by brewer, philanthropist and champion of young people Edward Stocks Massey in 1909.

To be eligible you must have demonstrated you have made a “significant contribution” to your school, college or community.

Ross says it’s a privilege:


I’m honoured and delighted. I understand there are only two awards per annum.
It will enable me to fund the science and music activities that I otherwise would have struggled to.

Ross Schofield

Burnley College Alumnus and recipient of the prestigious Stocks Massey Fund

Ross’s passion for learning about the universe has already benefited:

“I have just booked my first event with the money which is to attend a talk about black holes with Professor Brian Cox at the University of Manchester.”

Edward Stocks Massey was passionate about education, science, music and the arts – and wanted to ensure talented students had the opportunity to go into higher education no matter their own personal financial circumstances.

While Ross is using the money to enrich his Physics education, he is keeping his options open for the future:


“I’m still unsure about what career path I will take. Maz [Iqbal], one of my A Level Tutors says he thinks I will return to a computer science field, something I studied at Burnley College Sixth Form. I think I agree.

Ross Schofield

Burnley College Alumnus and recipient of the prestigious Stocks Massey Fund

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