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Mental health training in the workplace

Why Every Business Needs Mental Health Training in the Workplace

When we think about occupational health and safety in the workplace, we often overlook mental health. However, with 1 in 4 people experiencing a mental health condition at some point in their life, ignoring the issue is no longer an option. Mental health training is not just a nice-to-have perk; it’s become an essential part of maintaining a healthy workforce.

Five reasons to train your workforce in Mental Health 

  1. Reduce Stigma and Increase Awareness

Mental health training helps to reduce the stigma associated with mental health conditions and creates an environment of openness and acceptance. By educating employees and managers about common mental health conditions, you can empower them to identify early warning signs and offer support. This reduces the risk of employees suffering in silence, and helps those who may be struggling to seek help early. 

  1. Improve Employee Wellbeing and Productivity

Mental health training equips managers with the necessary skills to identify and support employees who may be experiencing a mental health condition. By creating a supportive environment, employees are more likely to feel valued, motivated and engaged. This, in turn, can lead to increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and staff retention. 

  1. Identify and Manage Risks

Mental health training also helps organisations to identify and manage any potential risks to employees’ mental health. By carrying out a workplace risk assessment, companies can identify factors that may contribute to stress, anxiety, and other mental health conditions. With this knowledge, they can implement preventative measures and improve the overall wellbeing of employees. 

  1. Meet Legal Obligations

Employers have a duty of care to provide employees with a safe and healthy workplace. In addition, the Equality Act 2010 requires employers to make reasonable adjustments to support employees with a disability, including those with mental health conditions. Failure to provide this support could result in claims for disability discrimination. By implementing mental health training, companies can ensure they are meeting their legal obligations and protecting their employees’ rights. 

  1. Improve Reputation and Attract Talent

Companies that invest in their employees’ wellbeing and mental health are more likely to attract top talent who value a supportive and inclusive workplace culture. In addition, by prioritising mental health, businesses can improve their reputation as a socially responsible employer, which can lead to increased customer loyalty and brand value. 

The benefits of mental health training in the workplace are clear. Not only does it promote a healthy and inclusive workplace culture, but it can also improve employee wellbeing, productivity, and overall business performance. Companies that prioritise mental health are better equipped to attract top talent, meet legal obligations, and build a positive reputation.  

It’s time for businesses like yours to take action and invest in the mental health of their employees. By working with North West business Training at Burnley College, you can create happy, healthy and more productive workplaces, and help to break down the stigma surrounding mental health conditions. 

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