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Take Your Learning to the Next Degree with a Themis Degree Apprenticeship

Follow your passions and watch your career flourish with a Degree Apprenticeship with Themis at Burnley College.

Degree Apprenticeships are the perfect opportunity to future-proof your career and boost your earning potential, even earning while you’re learning.

By choosing a Degree Apprenticeship with Themis, you will gain industry-specific skills, develop a sharp problem-solving mindset, and foster a spirit of innovation, inspired by our expert Lecturers and Trainers.

A Themis Apprenticeship brings you:

  • Industry-Specific Skills: Our programs are tailored to provide the latest knowledge and skills relevant to your chosen field. Whether you aspire to be a software engineer, a marketing specialist, or a healthcare professional, our degree apprenticeships offer comprehensive training that will equip you with the expertise needed to excel.
  • Ambition and Determination: Propel your personal growth and ambition to new heights. Our degree apprenticeships are designed to challenge and push you beyond your limits. With the guidance of industry professionals and mentors, you will develop a growth mindset that will empower you to achieve your goals and thrive in your chosen career path.
  • Innovation and Problem-Solving Skills: Develop a knack for innovative thinking and problem-solving that employers crave. In today’s rapidly evolving world, employers value individuals who can think outside the box and find creative solutions to complex challenges. Through our degree apprenticeships, you will cultivate critical thinking skills and gain practical experience in tackling real-world problems.
  • Continuous Professional Development: Stay ahead of the curve with continuous professional development opportunities. Our commitment to your growth extends beyond the completion of your degree apprenticeship. We provide ongoing training and support to ensure that you remain up-to-date with the latest industry trends and advancements, allowing you to stay competitive in the job market.

A Themis Degree Apprenticeship is more than education; it’s an investment in your future.

We understand that every individual is unique, and we work closely with you to create a bespoke package that suits your specific needs and aspirations.

We pride ourselves on the individualised support we offer every single one of our learners, from advice and guidance on the perfect pathway for you to assistance arranging interviews with leading businesses in every sector from engineering to healthcare.

Ready to embark on this life-changing journey?

Explore Themis and kickstart your enrolment process

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