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Racing Around the World! Former Burnley College Student Tours Globe with Legendary F1 Team

“If you’d told me last year I would go from running a College Esports team to working at international Esports events, I wouldn’t have believed you .”

That’s exactly what has happened to Jac Cowie, a former Esports Student at Burnley College who has turned his passion into a career in one of the fastest growing entertainment industries in the world.

Jac, 19, from Hapton, has even met F1 legend Jenson Button as well as Williams drivers Alex Albon and Logan Sergeant.

Last year, Students from Burnley College were invited to William’s F1 headquarters in Oxfordshire to see behind the scenes at a world-class Esports Sim Racing team and take part in a competition.

Now the former Shuttleworth College pupil is touring the world with a leading simulator company, being paid to introduce others to the high-tech world of Sim Racing on behalf of Williams.

It came about after Jac was invited to attend a meeting in College with world-renowned company SimStaff – and impressed everyone with his enthusiasm, passion and knowledge. And now, from London to Miami, Jac has been sharing those attributes with the public, introducing people to the realistic racing rigs.

Jac says it’s been a whirlwind:


One day we’re in Sweden at the DreamHack Winter Event, then six days later I’m in Miami. From freezing cold to baking in the sun, in the space of a week.

Jac Cowie

Burnley College Esports Alumnus

SimStaff is one of the leading companies providing expert staff in the world of digital motorsports, sim racing and Esports.

Jac says:

“My official role is that of an event technician, but it involves much more than simply setting up the rigs.

“Depending on the event, we’re there to introduce people to the concept of sim racing, to teach them how to use the rigs and demonstrate how to drive an F1 car.

“But we’re also promoting the brand, too. The last event I was at was a private party by a large crypto company and people were really interested in what they did, as well as taking part in the racing.

Jac Cowie – Burnley College Esports Alumnus


There was even an F1 car on the lawn of the massive house where the party was taking place – it was so impressive.

Jac Cowie

Burnley College Esports Alumnus

At Burnley College we pride ourselves on forging links with the biggest names and most innovative companies, and Williams’ F1 and SimStaff are prime examples.

While Jac was at Burnley College he also took advantage of our partnership with Burnley FC’s Esports team, running the Game Zone at Turf Moor on match days. He also ran a 24-hour Esports team for charity.

Andrew Chapman, Esports Lecturer at Burnley College:

“Jac is a standout student, willing to take on any task and lead on any project.

“Burnley FC and Burnley College was the first Esports Partnership of its kind in the UK and Jac was one of the first cohort.

“He excels in whatever role he takes on, from player to manager, coach to podcaster, event organiser to friend to many.

“Jac took the lead on the Game Zone project and showed up every matchday, missing only one – and that was because he was hosting a 24-hour charity stream.

“That sums up Jac’s work ethic.

“Jac would be an asset to any organisation as his thirst to learn and pick up new skills is admirable.”

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