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Fitness Evolution at Burnley College proud to host first College Fitness Games

Entrants from as far as Devon, Norwich and Cambridge travelled to Burnley College to compete in the very first College Fitness Games.

The inaugural Association of Colleges competition in association with CrossFit chose the impressive industry-leading fitness facilities at Burnley College to host the semi final, where Students battle against themselves and each other over four gruelling rounds.

Burnley College students rose to the challenge exceptionally, with 13 students competing and five of them qualifying for the grand finals being held in March.

Fitness Evolution worked with professional CrossFit athletes from JST to develop bespoke workouts for the Students that pushed them to their physical limits and showed their skills.

British Weightlifting also attended the Games to provide Students with a workshop to help them assess their techniques and learn more about what it’s like to be a professional in the industry.

Ashley Alderson, chair of the AOC for Sport in the Northwest of England and Manager of Fitness Evolution was delighted with the competition:


Hosting this prominent competition has really allowed us to raise the profile of CrossFit at Burnley College and show how competitive and rewarding it can be as a sport.

Ashley Alderson

Manager of Fitness Evolution

“It’s been great to work with colleges from far and wide to create a competition that provides Students with a passion for fitness and weightlifting with the opportunity to compete and work with professionals in the sport.”

The finals of the Association of College’s Fitness Games takes place on 24 March in London.

Burnley College works with professional sports bodies and athletes, offering unrivalled links into the fitness industry at every level, including leading partnerships with CrossFit, British Weightlifting, England Lacrosse, Team GB and many others.

Whether you want to study somewhere that will develop your sporting success, or you want to begin your CrossFit journey, learn more about Fitness Evolution and Burnley College: www.burnley.ac.uk/about/sport-and-fitness-centre-of-excellence