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Burnley College Students – Barristers of the Future!

“Superb” Burnley College Students make National Finals of Young Citizens Bar Mock Trials

An exceptional team of Students worked together to compete against other colleges and schools from across Lancashire to represent their client in a real court setting.

Gaining an insight into the workings of the legal system, the team used their problem solving and critical thinking skills to prepare their client’s legal argument and defend their case.

Acting as Barristers, Witnesses and Ushers, A Level Students confidently presented their work to a senior legal professional.

Judge Wan said it was a truly professional performance:


Burnley College’s defence barrister gave a superb closing speech. When the team began cross-examining their witness, I would have believed they were actual barristers.

Judge Wan

Senior Legal Professional

“Burnley College Students carried themselves with an authoritative tone and their points and questions were on point and incise. I hope they will all consider a future career in Law!”

The mock trial acted as an incredible opportunity for Students to collaborate and experience the profession they wish to succeed in. We can’t wait to see them excel at the National Finals in June!

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Students all prepared to present their case.