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Burnley College Student shares her passion for Paris after exceptional extra-curricular trip to Disneyland

From exploring the ancient catacombs to taking a trip in the fastest lift in Europe, from taking in the spectacular scenes from the top of the Eiffel Tower to discovering Disneyland, Burnley College Students have been sharing their memories of an incredible extra-curricular trip to Paris.

From Travel and Tourism Students to Forensic and Criminal Investigation Students, it was a chance to explore the most popular tourist city in the world and its amazing attractions.

Student Madeleine Merchant has been sharing her highlights of this incredible adventure:

“We arrived in Paris in the early evening.


It was so exciting to be in such a legendary city that most of us headed out straight away, taking in the sights, and even doing a bit of shopping.

Maddie Merchant

Advanced Vocational Forensics and Criminal Investigation Student at Burnley College Sixth Form Centre

“Hard to believe, but some of us just went straight to bed as we knew the next day would be really taxing.

“First we got to explore The Tour Montparnasse, the tallest skyscraper in Paris. The most amazing thing about it was the lift, which takes just 38 seconds to go from the ground floor to the 56th floor, making it the fastest in Europe.

“And if we hadn’t had enough of heights, our next stop was the iconic Eiffel Tower. The views were just incredible.

The Eiffel Tower at night

“With my free time I explored the city and we headed to Carette, a café known for its amazing classic French pastries and its indulgent hot chocolate.

“Next we headed to the Catacombs, a huge underground labyrinth of tunnels originally used to move between large stone quarries.

“After Paris’s cemeteries began to become too full in the late 18th and early 19th century, the Catacombs use was changed and it became a place to store the bones of the deceased.

“It’s believed more than 6 million skeletons are stored there.

“The third day was my favourite; we went to Disneyland Paris. They were celebrating 30 years since the park opened.

“We had an incredible day enjoying all the rides and attractions and even meeting the characters.

“In the evening there was a breath-taking firework and drone display – with Mickey Mouse poking his head around Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

Mickey Mouse peeps around the magic castle at Disneyland Paris

“The next day before we headed home we got to visit the fascinating ‘Cite des sciences et de l’industrie’, a fantastic museum of interactive exhibits about science and more.

“The whole visit was an amazing experience. It really opened my eyes up to so many things and let me enjoy another completely different culture.

“It was an incredible bonding experience for everyone too.”

Burnley College Students visit new locations, enjoy brand new experiences and explore new horizons, showing that learning doesn’t only take place in the classroom.

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