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Burnley College Gains Rainbow Flag Award for its “Excellent Work” On LGBT+ Inclusion

The final part of Burnley College’s Rainbow Flag Status was awarded this week, demonstrating the College’s commitment to LGBT+ inclusion.

The prestigious flag is awarded by The Proud Trust, a charity providing education, support and advocacy for LGBT+ young people and their communities.

The College has been submitting evidence across the course of the last year to attain certification in six key areas:

  • The Skilled Teacher Award
  • Pastoral Support
  • Supportive Governors and Parents
  • Effective Policies
  • Student Voice
  • Inclusive Curriculum

Singled out for praise were the rainbow lanyards and badges worn by members of staff wishing to show their allyship for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans students as well as those who identify as asexual, intersex or questioning.

The Performing Arts Division were also praised for showcasing work which has been created and inspired by the LGBT+ community in College.

Sarah Condren, Staff Development Manager at Burnley College says it’s vital to ensure we lead the way when it comes to equality, diversity and inclusion:


Creating a safe, secure, empowering environment for every single one of our Students, Learners, Tutors, Trainers and support staff is so import to us here at Burnley College.
To receive such thoughtful words from The Proud Trust at every step of the process reassures us the work we are doing is being felt and having a real effect.

Sarah Condren

Staff Development Manager

“As well as praise the Trust has also made some incredibly valuable and insightful comments about areas in which we can improve and further strengthen our stance on diversity and inclusion, and we will be paying very close attention to those areas to ensure we get to where we want to be.

“Across the College the support has been exceptional with our Creative Arts and Media and Science, Health and Education Students providing evidence of the work they have done – including staging performances around identity to external audiences and online.

“What’s also incredibly useful is the framework of the Rainbow Award is so well constructed it’s really encouraged us to look at how we can approach other groups who may feel excluded or under-represented in College and work to make the Campus even more inclusive.

“The judges were always keen to say ‘We can’t wait to see what you’ll do next!’ and we feel exactly the same way too! It’s an exciting time for everyone who is passionate about inclusivity.”

Burnley College LGBT+ group is just one of the myriad of inclusive, exciting, educational and inspiring extra curricular activities which take place every single week.

Be part of a College that values inclusivity and positivity, creating a safe and secure space for everyone to work together to build futures and change lives.

Learn more: https://www.burnley.ac.uk/sixth-form-home/school-leaver-extra-curricular/