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Burnley College Recruitment Event: Engineering the Future

From better hours to more job security, and even an end to cold nights on shifts, moving from Engineering in industry to Engineering in education will be the best move you can make, according to trainers at Burnley College.

Now the Number 1 College in England is holding a series of events to show you how you can change your career path and help shape the future of Engineering in the UK.

The Engineering Recruitment Events enable you to discover how becoming a trainer at Burnley College gives you the power to inspire a new generation, embark on a truly rewarding career path, earn an excellent salary and pension with real job security and continuous training opportunities.

Chris Platt, Head of Engineering at Burnley College says working in education gives you the best both worlds.


“One of the things we’re most proud of here at Burnley College is that we ensure we’re always at the cutting edge of industry.

“Our workshops and classrooms are always filled with the latest technologies, so we can train the next generation of workers with the tools they’ll be using when they get out there into industry.

“It’s great knowing you’ll always have something new to be learning yourself to pass on to our Students and constantly upgrading your skills on a personal level.

Chris Platt

Head of Engineering at Burnley College

“But we also understand the engineering industry isn’t the most secure career path you can take. Jobs can go at the drop of a hat as the economy changes. Benefits depend entirely on the company you work for. Shift work is tiring and not family friendly.

“At Burnley College you get the best of both worlds. You get an excellent salary as well as incredible benefits like a fantastic pension, constant training, a true career path and more.”

The events are for people who may be working in the industry, newly qualified or about to complete their degree.

They take place on Monday 13 March, 4pm-7:30pm and Friday 17 March, 12:30pm-4:30pm.

You’ll be able to:

  • Meet Tutors already working at Burnley College
  • Learn about the roles, full and part time available
  • Tour their cutting-edge facilities
  • Get info on careers, support, benefits and training
  • Fast track your application

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