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Our Apprenticeship training is delivered by recognised experts and professionals committed to seeing you become a #futureboss and industry leader.


Amina Zaheer, Themis Apprentice, with friendly expert Trainer Assessor in state-of-the-art Burnley College lab

Start your career in the NHS as a Themis Apprentice

Ayrton Knowles, Engineering Themis Apprentice in the workplace

Become a leader in the Engineering Industry

Georgina Booth, Business Themis Apprentice

Make a difference to your Employer’s business

Zack Duxbury, Themis Apprentice studying Electrical Installation in industry

Take the first step to being the best in your chosen sector

Carla Birtwistle, Project Digital Themis Apprentice studying Digital Marketing

Set your sights on becoming a #FutureBoss


We’re here to help.

At Burnley College we want to make sure you have all the information you need to start thinking about your future. So our amazing School Liaison Team have created an unrivalled online resource to help you with your choices after GCSEs.

Plus you can ask them anything! They’ll have the answers you need.

Whatever your dreams are for the future – we’re here to help.


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Skills and Knowledge for a lifetime of career opportunities

At Themis, we offer much more than expert training in your chosen industry or sector. We are committed to ensuring you have the transferable skills that will help you take advantage of a lifetime of career opportunities. Skills that you can take with you between roles and industries. Skills that will make you stand out from the crowd.

  • Communication
  • Resilience
  • Team Work
  • Innovation
  • Problem Solving
  • Self Motivation
  • Confidence

These are the skills Employers in all sectors look for. These are the skills you will develop as a Themis Apprentice.



Have you got what it takes to be a Themis Apprentice?

Themis Apprentices are the Best of the Best. They stand head and shoulders above others. They are preparing to become a #futureboss. To lead their chosen industry.

Do you share their traits and qualities which are valued by Employers across all industries:

  • You are ambitious
  • You are prepared to give 100% in everything you do
  • You are innovative
  • You are prepared to work as part of a team
  • You can use your own initiative
  • You are motivated to make a difference
  • You are focussed on your future career goals
  • You can combine practical and academic skills
  • You are determined to be a success
  • You are resilient
  • You are adaptable


Securing your ideal Apprenticeship

Themis at Burnley College will not allow Covid-19 to stand in the way of your career goals and is committed to allowing you to follow an Apprenticeship route to success in your chosen industry.

Through our long-established links with Employers and industry expertise we are able to:

  • Showcase the latest Apprenticeship vacancies offered by Employers
  • Liaise and work closely with Employers to identify and create additional Apprenticeship opportunities
  • Offer industry-focussed interim training to bridge the gap between education and your Apprenticeship, developed in partnership with Employers.
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Explore an Apprenticeship route in 2021.

You will find all the information you need to take the first steps towards a successful career in your chosen industry; gain industry insights; hear about what employers look for in apprentices; find out about how we are supporting potential apprentices during the Covid pandemic and beyond.

So much has changed for you in 2021 but that doesn’t mean you have to change your plans to start your career as a Themis Apprentice.

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Our Employers

Themis at Burnley College works with more than 1,000 Employers – large and small – from across the North West in a wide range of industries. Many of our Employers are renown leaders in their field; have a strong reputation for developing Apprentice talent and are forward-thinking.


Industry-expert Tutors and Trainers committed to your success

Our Themis Tutors and Trainers are leaders in their chosen fields and can apply their industry experience to your learning, making classes and practical workshop sessions come to life. They have years of experience in their chosen sectors and know their industries inside out. They have the practical, hands-on expertise that sets them apart, plus the drive to see you succeed and reach your goals.

Our Themis Trainers:

Will visit you in the workplace to assess your work; ensure you are on track to complete your Apprenticeship; answer any queries you may have and liaise with your Employer.

Our Themis Advisors:

Are always on hand to answer your queries regarding Apprenticeships and can call upon their vast knowledge of industry; contacts with leading local Employers and experience of the employment market to assist you in finding the perfect Apprenticeship.

Our Burnley College Tutors:

Are experts in their fields, focussed on ensuring you gain the classroom, lab or workshop knowledge you need to achieve your qualifications when you complete your Apprenticeship.


The Themis support network behind you every step of the way

As a Themis Apprentice starting out on your career journey, you have access to a comprehensive range of support services and external resources to ensure you can maintain good physical and mental health.

Bryn Davies, Themis Apprentice with Trainer Assessor

Bryn Davies, Themis Apprentice with Trainer Assessor


Progress to university-level qualifications as a Themis Apprentice

Taking the Themis Apprenticeship route to career success does not mean you have to give up on your dream of degree-level study. At BCUC (Burnley College University Courses) you can make a seamless transition from your Advanced Apprenticeship studies to Higher Level Apprenticeship programmes and a Degree Apprenticeship. Your Apprenticeship qualification will also open the door to university-level study outside an Apprenticeship programme, opening the door to additional career routes and opportunities through HNC, HND, BA (Hons), BSc (Hons), BEng and post-graduate qualifications

Milli Sagar, University Courses Burnley Student

Milli Sagar, studying for a degree-level qualification to climb the career ladder and become a #futureboss


Lauren Holly, studying for a BA (Hons) Business and Management as a Degree Apprentice

Lois Hepple, UCB Student

Lois Hepple, studying for a BA (Hons) Business and Management as a Degree Apprentice

Kris Tuff, UCB Student

Kris Tuff, studying for a HND in Mechanical Engineering

Tyler Atkinson, UCB Student

Tyler Atkinson, studying for a HND in Mechanical Engineering