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University-level learners to shadow experts at renowned Manchester neuroscience centre

Degree-level Learners at Burnley College University Courses will spend the summer shadowing experts in their dream careers as they work at a leading neuropsychology services provider.

The three BCUC Undergraduates will be based at INSNeuro, Manchester, helping people with brain injuries live meaningful, valued and productive lives.

They will act as Honorary Assistant Psychologists, gaining valuable skills, experience and connections alongside having something incredible to add to their CVs.

Tamsyn Stott, Sandie Vickers and Katie Bolton are all reading her BSc (Hons) in Psychology, Psychotherapy and Counselling at BCUC.

Katie says she’s really excited:

“The chance to be able to put in to practice so many of the things we’ve learned is going to be so useful.


We’ll be working alongside a neuropsychologist, shadowing their day-to-day work. We’ll also be putting together reports, helping out with assessments and seeing what a career in this industry is really like.

Katie Bolton

Reading BSc (Hons) in Psychology, Psychotherapy and Counselling at BCUC

“It’s perfect for me as I’m very much a ‘kinaesthetic’ learner, so I learn better by seeing how things are done in the real world rather than just reading about them.”

It’s all going to be invaluable for Katie’s dream career:

“I see myself working as a Mental Health Counsellor for teenagers.

“I’ve always had a caring personality and people often come to me for help. I’ve enjoyed looking after people and psychology gives you that extra level of understanding as to why they feel the way they feel.”

Katie was inspired during lockdown to make a change:

“I’m very much a believer in ‘things happen for a reason’ and when lockdown came along it pushed me to do something different with my life.

“I’ve got two children who are now off doing their own thing in life and I decided to take a step back and look at what I wanted to do.

“I have a bit of a bug for doubting myself, but what my time at BCUC has taught me above all else is that I can do it, and so can you. But if you don’t try you will never know.”

Ahad Warsi, Lecturer in Psychology helped arrange these work placements:

“Psychology can be a very competitive field. It’s currently over-subscribed in the UK, which means there are limited job opportunities.

“To succeed you have to stand out. One way of doing that is to build you CV while you’re still learning.


I’ve always built up connections through social media, networking events and personal contacts so whenever the opportunity comes long for a work placement, I really want to give our Students the ability to go out there and shine.

Ahad Warsi

Lecturer in Psychology at Burnley College University Courses

“I’m so happy these three Psychology, Psychotherapy and Counselling undergraduates have the opportunity to build their skills and grow their knowledge in a real world setting with expert psychologists doing the type of work they will carry out in the future.”

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