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The future of sustainability! Burnley College Students ‘Invest in our planet’ at Earth Day 2023 celebrations.  

Burnley College students have shown their commitment to a greener future at their Earth Day celebrations.

A series of fundraising events planned, designed and delivered by our Student Sustainability Innovators saw Students and Staff working together towards creating a more environmentally sound future.

Students took part in a variety of activities to raise money for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). These included temporary tattoos of endangered animals, cupcake decorating and a sustainability scavenger hunt.

Student Sustainability Innovator Caitlin Lonsdale said:


“My hope is the scavenger hunt provided Students with an awareness of how dedicated the College is to preserving the environment, as it will direct them around the huge variety of eco-friendly features the College already has.

“One of our key aims for the day was to bring even more awareness to Students and Staff of what we already do as a College.”

Caitlin Lonsdale

Student Sustainability Innovator

The most popular activity of the day proved to be the Sustainable Raffle.

Students had the opportunity to win a variety of prizes, all of which were recycled and sustainable products to highlight the importance of conserving our resources.

Earth Day 2023 at Burnley College proved to be a tremendous success.

Emma Smith from Student Services said:


“The students have shown an incredibly enthusiastic attitude towards the day, as they do with all of our events.

“By getting involved in all the activities and taking part in the interactive educational experiences, Students and Staff have raised money and awareness for a vital charity.”

Emma Smith

Student Services

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