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Burnley College Gives School Pupils the Chance to Come Face to Face with the Future

Exploring the future of Engineering was the aim of Burnley College’s recent Industry Day.

Pupils from schools around East Lancashire had the opportunity to visit industry-leading companies and enjoy interactive activities in the high-tech engineering workshops at Burnley College.

Burnley High School pupils met the team at global communications agency BCW and Sir John Thursby pupils explored online fashion giants Boohoo. The Year 9 students were inspired to consider a future career in Engineering.

At BCW, students toured the facility looking at automotive processes, design and manufacturing and quality checking. They explored Health and Safety in the workplace, as well as sustainability, and   discovered how the use of robotics will improve human health and safety in future.

At Boohoo pupils explored the impressive Burnley facility. They saw the control room, where engineers check for faults in mechanised processes; experienced the sophisticated conveyor system, carrying some of the 13 million units of stock above their heads and learned how health and safety and cleanliness are critical elements of safe engineering.

At Burnley College the pupils took part in a series of exciting and educational activities including:

  • Beat the Buzzer, using their skills to manipulate manual milling and turning machines
  • Controlling a Cobot – a robotic arm
  • Bridge Building, where they designed and built structures which could hold the weight of a large book.

Grace Warburton, School Liaison Team Leader at Burnley College, says the day was a huge success:


Seeing the engagement and inspiration during Industry Day was truly incredible and exactly why we stage events like this.
“Pupils left with a deeper understanding of engineering, as well as with their eyes wide open to the possibilities of future careers in this dynamic field.

Grace Warburton

School Liaison Team Lead, Burnley College

Grace says it was great to watch the spirit of competition on the day, too:

“The games were highly competitive, creating an exhilarating atmosphere that made learning about engineering fun and impactful.

“The forging of strong relationships between industry and schools is a crucial step towards meaningful work placements. It’s this collaboration that truly brings everything together, benefiting both our learners and employers.”

At Burnley College we work with leading employers to give young people the experience and opportunity to explore their potential future careers. There’s still time to apply to study at Burnley College – A Levels, T Levels or Vocational programmes – after your GCSEs this summer.

> Contact our School Liaison Team to access the support you need to make the right choices for future study and your career – [email protected]