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On Top Of The World – Burnley College Rooftop Star Secures Dance Role with Renowned Choreographer

Maisy Andrea, Burnley College alumna and student at the prestigious London Studio Centre has been sharing her success with and passing on her skills to first year learners.

Maisy, recently had the privilege of auditioning for renowned choreographer Dane Bates.

Dane Bates is celebrated for his influential contributions to the dance industry, including the “LSC Collective” and popular mainstream shows like “Britain’s Got Talent”.

And now she’s been selected from hundreds of hopefuls to perform in Dane’s upcoming piece at Move It, the world’s biggest dance event, staged in London in March 2024.

Maisy’s journey with such a well respected choreographer began when she was here at Burnley College:

“I had the opportunity to attend one of his open dance classes. It was really inspiring.

“A few ago it was announced he was choreographing for one of the pieces on the main stage at Move It.


I was worried I wasn’t good enough, but my mum said ‘You HAVE to audition!’

Maisy Andrea

Former Dance Student at Burnley College

The auditions weren’t without incident though.

“I injured my foot! After the audition I went home and sat on my bed and got a pack of ice to put on it.

“As soon as the ice pack hit my foot, the email arrived saying I’d got the part.

“I immediately called my mum and burst into tears. This is easily the biggest job of my career so far.”

In addition to sharing this amazing news, Maisy was also back on Burnley College’s £110 million Campus to lead a special choreography lesson and also offer her expertise in judging the second-year dancers’ solo assessments:


Performing your assessment can feel really overwhelming at the time.
Of course everyone is on your side, and there’s so much support from the tutors who just want you to shine.

Maisy Andrea

Former Dance Student at Burnley College

“So to be invited to give my constructive criticism of the students work is such an honour.”

Maisy also highlighted the importance of learning how to give and receive constructive criticism, a skill she believes is vital in the dance industry:

“It’s an industry that relies on auditions, notes and feedback so you have to be prepared to be judged all the time.

“You have to live and learn and get used to receiving criticism as it is a really valuable way to grow as a performer.

“Being on the other side of the desk at auditions is a really interesting role reversal.”

Watch Maisy dance here on Burnley College rooftop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkaUAdNAUAY

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