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Matthew walk in my shoes

Meet Matthew

Matthew, 27, enjoys a typical social life – he plays football in winter, cricket in summer, enjoys a pint with his mates – especially before he heads to The Turf to watch the mighty Clarets.


But for Matthew it’s not just about going out and enjoying himself, he also wanted to feel useful. To give back and help people – especially young people.


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Concerned about being able to afford to go back to study? Don’t worry.



Matthew worked in a call centre for five years before deciding he wanted something more.

“It was good to earn some money after being at college, but I couldn’t really see myself working in a call centre forever. I wanted to work in a field where I felt I was making a difference. I knew I would need a degree if I wanted to progress in my chosen area which meant going to uni.”

After talking it over with family and friends, Matthew decided it was now or never. Having previously studied at Burnley College, it seemed the logical place to start. But he had some concerns…

Many people who are returning to study after they have been working need to consider the financial implications of going back into education. But there can often be funding and bursaries available.

Matthew was put in touch with support staff experienced in student finance at Burnley College University Courses (BCUC) who were able to put his mind at rest and advise him on everything he was entitled to and then assist him with the applications.

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It’s made me realise I made the right decision and I’d encourage anyone who wants to make a change but doesn’t know where to start to get down to Burnley College and talk with the people there. You won’t regret it.

Matthew Vandepeer

BA (Hons) Professional Practice Working with Children and Young People, BCUC