Careers Programme


Our team of fully trained advice and guidance officers are here to support our students to maximise the opportunities they will discover as they progress through their qualifications. They provide a blend of one to one individualised support, group tutorials and workshops to cover a diverse range of topics, helping our students make informed choices about their future.



The Service

Students are encouraged to drop-in to Student Services to receive impartial, high quality advice and guidance with the option to book a more confidential one to one appointment as needed. Our skilful advisers will work together with the student to develop their own individual action plan that the student will be able to access throughout the year, creating and completing challenging actions that will help move their lives and careers forward. In these sessions we can explore a lot of different topics such as; their skills development, employability skills (CV writing, job searching, interview techniques, building a professional network including social media etc.), exploring motivations and their longer-term goals.


For Parents, Guardians and Carers

During the year there will be events designed to offer support and guidance in helping your young person through their time at college and in to their chosen careers.

• Parents Induction
• Parents Advice Event
• Apprenticeship Open Event
• Parent’s Evenings


Skills Development

Students will have access to a wide range of extracurricular activities across the year that will help develop a broad set of skills. With activities including; climbing, gaming club, archery, Duke of Edinburgh awards, international trips (Florida, Thailand, Los Angeles, Skiing), debating club and more.



Careers Advice in Action

Embedded within their studies, students will have access to a range of tutorials that are tailored to the needs of students based on an audit of their individual skills. We have open days, visits from employers, visits from universities and guest speakers to provide insights into the world of work and further and higher level study. You can see a calendar of events coming up in the next academic year here

Maximising Opportunities

There are a number of independent careers services students can access outside of the impartial advice offered by our careers advisers.

National Careers Service – https://nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk/

Lots of resources about what you might expect to do in a job, how to write a CV, interview techniques and the skills health check that helps you explore what you are good at and what jobs you are most suited to. The national helpline and webchat function on the website are open to anybody from the age of 13 upwards. Our students are encouraged to take ownership of their own career goals.

We will recommend a number of different resources that provide accurate, relevant and up to date information that our students can use to start their own research. Some useful places to start include:

• Prospects – https://www.prospects.ac.uk/ 

Excellent source of information about job pathways once you finish a degree

• 16Personalities – https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test 

Ever wondered why you do things a certain way? Or why you are better at some things but not others? This personality test (based on the Myers-Briggs personality profiles explores your personality and explains what your main strengths are and what areas you might need to develop

Buzz Quiz – https://icould.com/buzz-quiz/

 Take this fun quiz to find out what animal you are – it will also tell you what jobs fit your personality and skills

• Careersmart - https://careersmart.org.uk/

Another excellent resource for labour market information. You can also use the skills audit to identify your areas for development


Get in touch

Student Services is open daily from 8am – 8pm Monday to Thursday and 8am – 4.30pm during term time for students to drop in for advice or to book in an appointment. You can contact us on your.future@burnley.ac.uk to book an appointment or ask us a question or you can call on 01282 733551 and ask for one of the careers team.


“As a result of a careers guidance session, students may not end up where they requested but they may very well end up where they want to be.” – John Krumboltz, Planned Happenstance Theory https://www.careers.govt.nz/resources/career-practice/career-theory-models/krumboltzs-theory/




This is a clever widget from lmiforall.org.uk that can show information about the national labour market and can be narrowed down to individual careers. You can compare up to three careers and gain valuable insight in to those industries:





















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