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Burnley College Celebrates Outstanding Success in Future Zoo Programme

Burnley College is thrilled to announce the remarkable achievements of our students in the prestigious Future Zoo programme.

This initiative, for those aspiring to a career in the animal care/environmental sector, has showcased Burnley College’s dedication to providing exceptional educational experiences both inside and outside the classroom.

The Future Zoo programme is an elite educational initiative providing students with immersive, hands-on experiences in animal care, from animal husbandry and veterinary care to advanced scientific research.

Four outstanding Burnley College students were selected for this highly-competitive programme, outshining their peers across Lancashire.

Over three days, students worked alongside professionals at Blackpool Zoo, Myerscough College and UCLan. Students engaged in high-level projects and experiments, such as DNA analysis and conservation initiatives, directly relevant to their studies.

Burnley College A Level Tutor Rebecca Wilkinson says:


“Our exceptional facilities and expert Tutors ensure our students receive the best possible education and training in animal care.
“But it’s also important they get as much experience of working in the real world as possible, so programmes like Future Zoo are vital.
“We were incredibly proud for our Students to qualify to take part – and given their level of achievement, that pride has grown immeasurably.”

Rebecca Wilkinson

A Level Tutor at Burnley College

Here is a brief summary of their activities.

Day One – Blackpool Zoo

Students observed elephant training, toured the animal hospital and participated in the daily care routines for giraffes and camels, including hand-feeding. They also created enrichment activities for smaller animals, culminating in an unforgettable experience feeding ring-tailed lemurs.

Day Two – Myerscough College

Students worked alongside animal technicians, handling and caring for skunks, ferrets and reptiles. The day continued with a laboratory session investigating owl pellets, providing a unique look into their dietary habits.

Day Three – UCLan

The day at UCLan’s Young Scientist Centre saw Students engaging in high-level DNA analysis, involving extraction, amplification and gel electrophoresis.

At the end of the programme, learners gathered for an awards ceremony.

Rebecca Bartholemew, 17, from Church, a former pupil at St Christopher’s CE High School, won first place with her innovative project to educate primary school pupils about conservation.

Rosie Pritchard, 17, from Hebden Bridge, a former pupil at The Calder Learning Trust, received an honourable mention for her impactful project illustrating global plastic waste.

Bobby Kerans, 17, from Accrington, a former pupil at The Hollins, and Dallon Kofler, 17, from Silsden, a former pupil at Skipton Girls’ High School, also delivered impressive work, showcasing their creativity and passion for wildlife.

Rebecca Wilkinson says experiences like this are essential: 


“Future Zoo provides our Students with hands-on experience and deep insights into animal care and science.
“The success of our students in the Future Zoo programme is a testament to the quality of education and experience Burnley College provides.
“We continue to lead the way in nurturing the next generation of animal care professionals.”

Rebecca Wilkinson

A Level Tutor at Burnley College

Burnley College offers unparalleled opportunities for Students to excel in their chosen careers. Our state-of-the-art facilities, expert Tutors and proven track record of success make us the ideal choice for anyone who aspires to reach the pinnacle of their passion. The Future Zoo programme is just one example of how our extra-curricular activities allow Students to excel.

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