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We’re serious about Sport and Fitness and will help you go for gold

Whether you’re studying Sport or Fitness or not; compete at a high level; enjoy team sport, the gym or fitness classes – or want to start your fitness journey – we’ve something for you.


Join the Elite Athlete Programme and train with professionals

Take the sport you love at School to the next level

Aim high and join our other students who represent their countries in international competition

Join the Academy of Sport for expert coaching

Are you ready to join the Elite?

Students on our Elite Athlete Programme have an international reputation for success. They compete for places in the GB Olympic squad; they represent GB in the Junior Commonwealth Games; they are record-breakers and national heroes.

Elite Athlete Programme

If your natural talent in your chosen sport is already seeing results; you’re performing at a top level and are committed to seeing constant improvement in your performance then you have what it takes to join Burnley College’s prestigious Elite Athlete Programme.

As an Elite Athlete you will have:

  • Weekly strength and conditioning training targeted to your individual sporting needs
  • Support from a dedicated, professional team of former athletes and sports science specialists
  • A personalised training plan tailored to your personal goals
  • Access to nutritional advice to help you optimise your performance
  • Sport Psychology to help you develop the winning mindset
  • High-tech performance monitoring via the latest sports science equipment.
  • Rehabilitation support through physiotherapy and bespoke exercise programmes.

Your Elite Athlete Training will be scheduled alongside your academic studies, allowing you to combine the very best sports training alongside outstanding teaching in your chosen subject. Burnley College Sixth Form Centre  is one of only a handful of TASS accredited (Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme) colleges in the region. This ensures that we have flexible procedures in place to facilitate your participation in top competition, while ensuring you receive the academic support you need to achieve your full potential in whatever course of study you have chosen.


If you think you qualify to be an Elite Athlete at Burnley College – talk to Nathan at [email protected]


Professional coaching at The Academy of Sport

You don’t have to be studying sports or fitness at Burnley College Sixth Form Centre to get access to the best training.

Our exclusive Academy of Sport is led by former professional athletes and coaches who have years of experience in their chosen sport. It’s a great opportunity for you to enhance your skills or even take up a new sport, confident that you’ll be learning from the very best.

Our Academies

Train each week with professional coaches and compete locally and regionally in:

Football (male and female teams) | Rugby | Netball | Cycling | Running

As an Academy member you will have access to: 

  • Strength and Conditioning Coaching
  • Experienced, Specialist Coaches
  • State-of-the-art Facilities
  • Physiotherapy
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Performance Tracking


If you’re interested in joining our Academy of Sport – contact Gerry at [email protected]



Stay active and achieve more

Our friendly and motivational team at Fitness Evolution can help you to set targets and achieve your fitness goals.

As a College we recognise the many benefits – both physical and emotional – exercise can bring and will work with you to create great habits that can last a lifetime.

Whether it’s joining in a fitness class for the first time between classes; taking part in a new activity in the Atrium or joining one of our friendly sports club; representing College in team sports or taking your training to the ultimate level as an Elite Athlete – there’s something for you at Burnley College Sixth Form Centre.

Wide range of Fitness Classes

Find a class that suits your level of fitness and your preferences at Fitness Evolution, our award-winning on-site fitness facility, with discounted membership and incentives for students.

Fitness Classes, Burnley College

Sport Clubs

Try out a new sport or activity for free as part of our extra-curricular activity programme. Whether it’s badminton, archery, cycling or climbing, it’s a great way to make new friends.

Elite Athlete, Burnley College


Whatever your chosen sport or activity, you’ll be able to train or compete in style at Fitness Evolution, our on-site fitness facility. We’ve award-winning facilities managed by friendly, motivational staff.

Fitness Evolution Gym, Burnley College