Château life for Burnley College Sixth Form Centre language students

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Talented A Level French language students from Burnley College Sixth Form Centre sampled life in rural France on a European trip which saw them staying in a beautiful Chateau.

Château de la Baudonnière is the premier destination for UK education establishments, chosen by leading modern foreign language teachers who are serious about their students honing their language skills in a truly French environment.

After travelling overnight by ferry to Caen, the party of students and staff arrived at the Château in the beautiful Normandy countryside, complete with peacocks, rabbits and a very noisy cockerel, to begin their cultural adventure.

During their stay the students enjoyed delicious French cuisine, cooked and presented by a helpful ‘animateur’ who would carefully explain the ingredients and recipe in detail and encourage students to practise words and phrases associated with the meal.

Activities on site also included archery, aéroballe, a climbing wall, breadmaking and traditional artisan cider-making which still takes place at the chateau.

The students recorded their daily activities in a journal and undertook French grammar and language exercises to complement their trips out, including an excursion to Mont St Michel, meeting the deputy mayor of nearby St Hilaire du Harcouet and speaking to market stallholders and customers in one of France’s many busy, large markets.

They experienced working life at a fire station, learned how to make caramel at an organic farm and enjoyed more typical French cuisine and conversation during an evening meal in a local creperie.

Students said that exploring life outside the classroom had significantly improved their knowledge of French culture, as well as given them more confidence in spoken French, listening skills, vocabulary and comprehension, and information-gathering for speaking and listening exams.

As one student reported ... “…c'était incroyable et je me suis rendu compte que toutes les choses étaient faites dans une certaine manière alors il y avait une experience qui a eu un resultat, parce que je sens que après être rétourné du Château de la Baudonniere j'ai amelioré dans mon niveau de français… Franchement je croyais que chaque visite qu’on a eue était vraiement intéressante et alors nous a aidé a comprendre la France et le monde francophone. D’ailleurs les animateurs ils ont fourni les meilleures activités et nous nous sommes amusés beaucoup”.

The French trip is just one of many overseas trips enjoyed by students on both A Level and Advanced Vocational courses at Burnlry Collrege Sixth Form Centre, among the many destinations visited are: New York, Washinton and California, Cern in Switzerland, the Alps and Spain. Tutors are passionate about ensuring students are able to immerse themselves in the their studies and enjoy the experiences which will make therm stand out from the crowd at interviews for places at top universities and successful careers.

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