Themis at Burnley College Engineering Apprentices take a trip back in aviation history

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An insight into the history of aviation was on the radar for 10 Themis at Burnley College Engineering Apprentices who enjoyed a visit to the Royal Air Force Museum Cosford, in Shropshire.

Themis Apprentices at Burnley College are given multiple opportunities to explore different aspects of their chosen industry and gather new perspectives which they can take back to their Employers.

This trip, with Themis expert Trainers Robert Easton and Joanne Pollitt-Wright, gave the Apprentices the opportunity to look back at the history of aviation and the Royal Air Force in particular, seen through decommissioned planes housed in wartime hangars, as well as technical exhibits.

Initially, the museum housed only airframes that had been used for technical training at the nearby RAF base, but more aircraft were added and Cosford also has several developmental aircraft on display, such as those that led to the English Electric Lightning and the second prototype of the BAC TSR-2.

Many of the aircraft are very rare, such as the only Boulton Paul Defiant in the world and one of only two surviving Vickers Wellingtons.  

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