One in Four Film Festival looks to challenge views on mental health

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The One in Four Film Festival 2014 is a free event featuring films which explore the effects of mental ill health upon individuals, communities and families.

The aim of the Festival, now in it's eighth year, is to raise awareness of and stamp out the stigma associated with mental ill health. One in Four Film Festival is sponsored by the School of Health at UCLan.

The name "One in Four Film Festival" comes from the statistic that one if four people in the UK live with or have lived with mental ill health.

From Tuesday 14 October until Wednesday 15 October, films that explore mental health will be shown which have been nominated to be shown by students of the College. Each film will be introduced by the person who has nominated the film for the festival and then a service user speaks about their own personal experience of living with a mental health diagnosis.

By the use of film and the following debate, we can explore and dispel some of the myths associated with mental ill health.

Film Schedule

Tuesday 5-9pm – Mental An Australian upbeat comedy film which covers wide MH issues (paranoia, institutionalization, stigma) and their impact on family life. Following feedback from a film festival member we are considering a debate around stigma and whether humor itself is a useful tool to dispel stigma. Wednesday 1-5pm - I am Sam A film exploring family experiences of a man with learning disabilities.  We will explore with the audience the theme of stigma and discrimination.  We will also look at common themes including does illness and disability create mental health issues, does the way society treats people create mental health conditions. If you would like to find out more information please contact the One In Four Film Festival Committee 2014 on 01772 893818 or email cproject1@uclan.ac.uk
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