Hello New Students - Welcome to Burnley College!

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Today is the first day at College for our brand new students and we want to welcome everyone to a new year of exciting opportunities.

We know that joining College can be a nervous experience for many of our new students so we've got a few pointers and answers to our most frequently asked questions to help you settle in more easily. Welcome to College, are you as excited about this year as we are?

Where can I get a bus pass?

As a student of Burnley College, once you have your ID card you can purchase a special student bus pass to last you the term, or for the full year. Bus passes can be bought directly from Student Services or online here.

What do I need to bring?

If you need anything special, your tutors will let you know. In the mean time, don't worry too much about forgetting anything and just come along and get to know your College, classmates and the surrounding area. The most important thing on your first few days is that you settle in well and that any questions you have are answered. No question is a silly question. If you're unsure about your course, you can always ask your tutor or Student Services for help and clarification.

I think I want to change my mind.

You've chosen your subjects and got your timetable...but now you think you might want to change some of your subjects or the course that you're on. It might not be too late to change your mind. Talk to your tutor as quickly as you can to discuss what you can do to swap to make your course more like the one you really want. We're all here to make sure that your College experience is the best it can be - please don't feel that new students have to do something they're really unhappy with just because they have already made a decision.

What's an ALZ?

You'll hear the initials "ALZ" a lot at your time in Burnley College and it will probably end up being the place you spend the most time. Our ALZs are "Active Learning Zones" that are set up in each centre of the College from Sixth Form to Business, IT and Engineering (BITE) and take a more interactive and communal approach to a more traditional library setting. In each ALZ there are books, journals and magazines to use for assignments and further reading and also laptops to use, communal areas to discuss work in groups and quiet study spaces. ALZs are your spaces, so if you think there are any changes that could be made to make them even more useful, please let our ALZ know.

Useful contact numbers

Student Services: 01282 733 333 Switchboard: 01282 733373 For more general enquiries and to keep up-to-date on all our latest news and events, you can Tweet us or reach us on Facebook.
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