Are you at home in a science lab?

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Are you at home in a science lab?

If you think that it’s only schools and colleges, hospitals and pharmaceutical firms that have laboratories, think again. Employers large and small, in all sectors and industries, rely on the skilled staff in their science labs to ensure their products maintain the highest standards and are safe and reliable.

As a Science Lab Technician you could be working in:

  • An Engineering Firm
  • A Microbiology Research Facility
  • A Food and Drink Manufacturer
  • A Construction Firm
  • A utility or energy company
  • An environmental agency

Your passion for science and testing could see you:

  • Analysing materials that are used to build aeroplanes to ensure passengers stay safe in the skies
  • Working as part of a team – or on your own initiative – to find a cure for diseases
  • Making sure the food we eat won’t make us ill, or possibly kill us
  • Investigating environmental disasters and helping to bring firms or individuals to account
  • Developing a new miracle drug that revolutionises medical science
  • Bringing historic sites to life by carefully matching colours and textures in renovation materials

As a Themis at Burnley College Advanced Apprentice in this field you’d learn how to and then:

  • Prepare and perform lab tests specific to your sector
  • Be confident setting up and using lab equipment
  • Understand all the relevant health and safety risks
  • Produce reliable, accurate data and know how to apply it
  • Recognise problems and achieve solutions
  • Communicate scientific information and data appropriately

Sounds daunting? You need to be a special kind of person to work in a Science Lab and show:

  • You can work independently or as part of a team
  • Have great time management skills
  • Be able to focus
  • Be logical and analytical
  • Be a natural problem solver
  • Have good communication skills

If you’re ready to swop the college Science Lab for one in industry and really make your mark, gaining experience as you learn, find out more about becoming a Themis at Burnley College Science Lab Technician Advanced Apprentice. You’ll get vital industry experience and a step on the career ladder while you learn with our expert Tutors and Trainers.

Or, we also run a Higher Apprenticeship in Life Science and Chemical Science Professionals Level that can take you a step further with your learning and includes a HNC Diploma in Chemical Science for Industry.

If you have A Levels in Science subjects, or an Advanced Level Applied Science qualification, an Advanced Apprenticeship as a Science Lab Technician could see you take the first step on the career ladder towards becoming a lab manager or a specialist within your chosen field, earning up to £40,000 a year.

Are you ready to be a Science hero and make a difference? Are you ready for a career where you can show off your talent in the lab? Contact Student Services on 01282 733373 or email s.services@burnley.ac.uk .


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