Chris helps Burnley College Sixth Form Centre Elite Athletes put in their optimum performance

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Chris helps Burnley College Sixth Form Centre Elite Athletes put in their optimum performance

Burnley College Sixth Form Centre students who are also at the top of their chosen sports - in everything from kickboxing to sprinting, javelin to rugby - are benefiting from the expert advice and guidance of a top fitness professional.

Chris Holt (39) has joined the team of professionals who are working to help athletes at the college reach peak performance, which includes former Burnley FC footballers Andy Payton and Gerry Harrison, in the Academy of Sport.

Working with some of the latest performance technology and monitoring equipment in the fitness lab at Fitness Evolution, the gym and fitness centre at the college, Chris can devise personalised programmes to ensure the Elite Athletes are becoming stronger, faster and fitter.

He said: "Many of our Elite Athletes have the talent and ambition necessary to represent their region, university and country and my job is to support them on that journey by helping them to become stronger, faster and fitter. It's great to see them achieving personal bests and qualifying for competitions after putting in the hard work needed to succeed in sport."

Studying for a Master degree in Sport science, Chris was himself a national athlete, earning a golf scholarship in Florida as a teenager before going on to compete in top cycling championships. He is also currently working towards a UK Strength and Conditioning qualification - the gold standard award in the industry.

He said: "It's a privilege to be working with these super athletes at Burnley College Sixth Form Centre: they are determined, dedicated and focused on success in their chosen sport, as well as their studies,and it is great to be able to play a part in their progression and achievements."


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