5 Revision Tips to Change Your Life

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5 Revision Tips to Change Your Life


1. Set up

Find a quiet, well-lit place to work that will be comfortable and free of distraction. Make sure you have enough space for all your materials and any equipment or technology you will need. If a quiet and isolated environment isn’t best for you, you could go to your local library, set up a study group with your friends and ask your teachers if College is open to help you stay focussed.

Lots of students recommend music to aid your concentration. To prevent messing around during your revision, it may be a good idea to create a playlist in advance. Spotify has a variety of Revision Playlists that have already been created for you: www.spotify.com

2. Have a plan

What are your goals? Think about what you would like to achieve each day and make sure it’s possible. It’s important to start revising early in order to fit in reasonable amounts of revision and avoid ‘cramming’ and panicking last minute; this is an ineffective way of revising as you are trying to digest more information in a shorter amount of time.

You could simply create a check-list with all of the subject areas you need to cover as part of your plan. You could use coloured highlighters and post-its to map out your subjects and see clearly exactly what you've covered and what subjects you need to brush up on.

Remember to set reasonable targets (See app recommendations below).

3. Ask for help

Making a start on your revision can seem really daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Your teachers, classmates, family and friends can support your revision in different way, it’s important to know how.

Your teachers have a number of resources and learning materials available to them that they can share with you. Ask for your teachers’ assistance and advice before you begin revising and they will be happy to help you, after all, they are experts in their subjects!

Find a group of friends or classmates who have the same goals as you and want to excel in their exams. Set up a study group where you can schedule regular meetings amidst your other revision activities. This is a great opportunity for testing each other whilst sharing resources and knowledge. You could even set up a group-chat where you can share tips, motivation and inspiration with each other. This will help you to feel less isolated whilst studying, but maintaining focus and keeping on-topic.

Even if your family aren’t familiar with the subjects you are studying, they can still help. A great way for them to do this is if you create a test for them, so they can ask you questions on your chosen topic. If they need any information clarifying, it will be helpful for you to explain it to them in a real-life scenario.

Your family and friends can also offer support if you ever start to get that feeling of defeat, it is important to surround yourself by positive people who will always try to keep you motivated in order to achieve your goals.

4. Take Breaks

Taking regular study breaks will help to give your concentration a boost and retain important information; they will also allow you to stay relaxed and avoid over-loading yourself with too much work. Make sure you stock up on snacks when revising, refreshments will help you to stay refreshed and energised. Try to avoid drinking too many energy drinks and eating all-things-sugar when loading your snack drawer, here are a few ideas on what you can create as healthy alternatives: click here

It’s important to remember to keep your breaks short and be strict with yourself on their length and purpose. Make sure you include your breaks in your revision plan, this way you’ll be able to stick to them more easily and have something to look forward to whilst studying.

Revision Apps

We have the perfect list of free apps available to you to use to make your study breaks productive as well as refreshing:


Create flash-cards, share them with your friends and test yourselves with cards created by others with this app, genius! Get your teachers involved by asking them to create some for your class to use at home.


This app allows you to select your current A Level subject and exam board, then complete short texts and quizzes on the given topic. This will help you to realise where you may be making mistakes and what topics you need to brush up on! (Perfect for study breaks when recalling information)


We’ve all drawn mind-maps and ‘spider diagrams’ at school and when revising, they are a famously effective revision tool, which you can now create on your mobile! Not only can you create diagrams on this app, you can also share it with your friends and people on your course.

Get Revising

This is a great app to help you get organised and ready to start your revision journey. This app is great for creating schedules, setting deadlines and reminders and keeping your studying on track.


5. Go online!

The internet is an incredible resource when it comes to revising. It’s important to stay focussed and not get distracted whilst looking online for revision material, so we have put together a list of useful websites for you to look at.

These websites are packed with up-to-date information, games and tests for you to try out whilst revising:




There are a number of articles relating to revision tips, this page links to a number of different articles and features written by different people from different perspectives on a variety of topics. Whether you are struggling to bridge the gap between GCSE and A Level revision preparation or need some advice on how to deal with anxiety and exam stress, you’ll find something here:


Need some motivation getting organised? Pinterest is a great tool to use for inspiration, whether you are looking for revision tips, information or infographics on specific topics, you will find a wealth of resource on this website. Create an account and set up a few boards for different things such as organisation tips, specific subjects and a motivation board to keep you going when you are lacking drive.


Instagram, Facebook, Twitter...

Believe it or not, social media can be a great way to help you revise! Just remember to stay focussed and don’t drift away from your plan.

Search for certain hashtags such as #alevelrevision #revisiontips #revisionmotivation and you will find a number of tips and tricks to get you through the day. Using social media will also help you to realise that it’s not just you locked inside scribbling away at your notes, millions of people prepare and take exams every year, it’s important to realise that you’re not alone and that all your hard work will be worth it in the end!


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