Burnley Bursaries offer financial help for students on university courses at Burnley College

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Burnley Bursaries offer financial help for students on university courses at Burnley College

However, such a big change can leave you with many questions – one of the main ones being about finance and what help is out there for you?

That’s where our Burnley’s Student Services team come into their own and can help you negotiate the financial maze and point you towards extra sources of income, such as the Burnley Bursaries which are available for those with a household income of under £25,000 and who have course fees of £9,000.

Students receive up to £1,000 in cash, plus £500 to spend on a laptop or iPad and £250 to spend on Campus on food, stationery or trips. Plus, the Burnley Bursaries include a health and wellbeing plan worth £250, which features gym access, a nutrition plan, a stressbuster session and time with a personal trainer, to ensure they’re in the best possible shape, both mentally and physically.

Plus, the Student Services team have a wealth of experience and knowledge about other funding streams you may be able to access while you’re a student, on a university course at Burnley College such as the Disabled Students’ Allowance (if you have a disability, mental health condition or learning difficulty); the Childcare Grant (which could pay up to 85% of your childcare costs); the Parents’ Learning Allowance (which could be as much as £1,573 a year) and the Adult Dependents’ Grant (of up to £2,757).

They’ll also be able to support you as you apply for your Tuition Fee Loan (to pay for the cost of your course) and Maintenance Loan (to help you cover your household costs) if you choose to apply for them. They can also explain how you will only repay these loans once you start earning over £25,000.

Don’t let the fear of not being able to afford to study hold you back. Get all the information you need from the friendly and experienced Student Services team.

Find out more about the Burnley Bursaries here

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